Neon Valley is a funk duo out of Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, they released their poppin’ neo-funk debut single, entitled, “Valley Girl”.  

Neon Valley – “Valley Girl”

“Would you tell me who she dressed for? Starin’ at somebody just isn’t enough. Won’t you tell me what you’re here for? Sitting all alone instead of trying your luck. We could fly away into the starlight. We should find our way through the dark night.” – lyrics

The arcade game-themed video finds a digital woman, with long blonde hair, chilling inside a fictitious realm. She drives a cherry red BMW droptop convertible into a festive region called Neon Valley. There, the duo, who the place is named after, are performing their song while she dances on a piano-escalator traveling upwards toward the galaxy. The following scene shows her at a crowded party, grooving to the song on the dancefloor.

‘Valley Girl’ contains a relatable storyline, sing-along vocals, and an infectious instrumentation embedded with dance, funk, and electronic elements. Also, the groovy single is the perfect tune to get your groove on to.

Neon Valley – “Valley Girl”

Neon Valley

“‘Valley Girl’ is the story of a young man who’s trying to get the woman of his dreams back. He attempts to convince her to choose him over her world of luxury and abundance.” – Neon Valley

We recommend adding Neon Valley’s “Valley Girl” single to your personal playlist.

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