Naya Ali press photo by NEIL MOTA Photographer
Photo by NEIL MOTA

Naya Ali releases a music video for her “Get It Right” single

Naya Ali is an emerging Ethiopian-born, Montreal-based rapper. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Get It Right” single.

Naya Ali – “Get It Right” music video

“The visuals are about breaking free from the ‘sunken place’. I felt like I was trapped for so long in a state of mind that had me forget who I really was. So I had to break free and escape by killing a part of myself that I had outgrown. The dark and symbolic visual is a Kanye-esque canvas, inspired by Stanley Kubrick meets Jordan Peele.” – Naya Ali

‘Get It Right’ was produced by Banx & Ranx (Sean Paul, Dua Lipa, Lady Leshurr).

The likable tune contains a relatable storyline, conversational rap vocals, and tuneful chorus. Also, the song possesses clock ticking-instrumentation flavored with boomin’ basslines and haunting howls.

“I’ma get it like I already have it”

Naya Ali press photo by NEIL MOTA Photographer
Photo by NEIL MOTA

“’Get It Right’ is a warm-up, a more than confident step into the game. It’s about versatility unmatched, integrity untouched, flows unseen…it’s about the underdog coming for the throne.” – Naya Ali

Naya Ali is a name you should remember. With each release, she continues to establish herself as an entertaining artist to watch. 

Her music industry ascent was bolstered by her appearance last summer as the voice of Parks Canada’s “Memories” advertising campaign. To date, the video has gone viral, garnering over 15 million views on YouTube.

Naya Ali – “Get It Right” single

Naya Ali – “Get It Right” cover

“The body of work I produce rely heavily on lyrical dexterity and depth. But at the same time, it stays light and easy to take in. So you have the chance to let it seep slowly into your mind. I’m not here to compete with anybody but myself. But I am confident my art will move the culture and reach the upper echelon of Hip Hop in due time. I do it for myself and for the culture.” – Naya Ali

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