Nadia Vaeh - “Never Leave the Basement” press photo

Nadia Vaeh unveils an appealing audiovisual for her “Never Leave the Basement” single

Nadia Vaeh is a talented singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Not too long ago, she released an appealing audiovisual for her “Never Leave the Basement” single, produced by Dion Shaw and Tyler Spratt.

Nadia Vaeh – “Never Leave the Basement” music video

‘Never Leave the Basement’ expresses the social anxiety perpetuated by societal systems and social media, especially during an extremely vulnerable and stressful year. Inspired by the pandemic and quarantine, “Never Leave the Basement” reveals how many individuals cannot cope with society when experiencing social anxiety. The thought-provoking and introspective tune talk about how every day feels the same. Imagine being stuck in a basement with your life on repeat. Also, imagine the toll that will take on your mental health.

Nadia Vaeh

Nadia Vaeh press photo wearing a green and black outfit

“I am naturally an introverted person…the world can be kinda intimidating. I am a very sensitive and empathic person. And I just get overwhelmed. The first lyric that came to me was, ‘Advertisements scroll-like pavement, max us out like credit cards – don’t pay them.’ I feel like this was inspired out of the frustration with social media and the entertainment industry being so irresponsible. Many of my friends and colleagues are suffering, and the pandemic only placed a magnifying glass on this. Much of that has to do with how we are inundated with billboards and ads everywhere telling us how to be happy or look. Also, it can really create such a feeling of lack for so many, including myself.” – Nadia Vaeh explained

Nadia Vaeh found her passion for music at a young age. She gained her talent as a lyricist from her mother, who passed on her love for words. Vaeh’s journey took a tragic turn with the unexpected loss of her mother. She blossomed into the performer she is today with her continued strength and tenacity. Also, her success results from a strong work ethic inspired by the achievements of other great artists she admires.

“Never Leave the Basement” single

Nadia Vaeh - “Never Leave the Basement” song cover art

Vaeh’s self-healing journey is inspiring. Also, it has led her to be an advocate for people all over the world through her music. Her positive attitude and outlook on life are infectious and make her music relatable and empowering. As a conscious pop musician, she aligns each single with a different non-profit. Through her music, she has donated proceeds to organizations including the Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, Peace Over Violence, MusicCares, Alliance of Hope, the Red Cross, and Girl Up.

Vaeh is donating proceeds from her “Never Leave the Basement” single to the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety. The organization is dedicated to educating people who struggle with social anxiety.

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