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Mummy Diamonds releases a dreamy lo-fi-rock tune, entitled, “One More Chance”

Mummy Diamonds (James and Shanna Stein) is a duo based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a dreamy lo-fi-rock tune, entitled, “One More Chance.”

Mummy Diamonds – “One More Chance” single

“The first lyric that we wrote for it was ‘beg for the fire…’ It’s meant to be about that person who is always wanting drama or creating chaos. That person who’s addicted to friction and neither of us can stand that personality, and maybe sometimes it’s one of us!” – James Stein, Mummy Diamonds stated

‘One More Chance’ touches on troublesome personalities, the addiction to drama, and how sometimes we find ourselves being the motivator of the toxicity. The haunting tune possesses ‘80s new-wave-inspired instrumentation flavored with a dreamy lo-fi-rock vibration. Also, “One More Chance” follows on the heels of Mummy Diamonds’ “Fantastic Feeling (Why Should I Let It Go?)” and “I’ll See You in December” singles.

“Give me one more chance to feel the day.”

Mummy Diamonds - “One More Chance” song cover

“A lot of people these days are grappling with whether to persevere or jump ship, to burn it down or repair it. Just like them, we’ve gone through these things. ‘One More Chance’ is personal, but at the end of the day, it kind of doesn’t matter. It’s art. When you make music, people are going to relate to it however they wish.” – Shanna Stein, Mummy Diamonds stated

Mummy Diamonds represents artistic evolution. Their music manages to uplift while remaining life-affirming and hopeful. The duo was formed during a week-long getaway when James’s and Shanna’s good friend and collaborator, Zachary Busby, were traveling from Delaware. As lifetime artists of various mediums, James and Shanna were embarking on a fresh musical start. They had begun writing and recording all-new material unexpectedly congruent with that fateful visit from Zachary.

“One More Chance” single

Mummy Diamonds - “One More Chance” song cover

“You were running wild and that’s in your nature. It’s not my cup of tea. No, babe, it ain’t me. Did you know that I wanted to? Did you know that I wanted you? Give me one more chance, don’t rush away. In your eyes when I look at you like the sun meets the morning dew. Makes me somehow feel less far away. Sentimental things can break me, falling from the tree that made me. Give me one more chance to comfort you. One more chance to show you it can be cool. It’s all about you.” – lyrics

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