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Mr Little Jeans releases a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Paper Vows”

Mr Little Jeans is the musical alias of Norwegian musician and singer-songwriter, Monica Birkenes. Not too long ago, she released a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Paper Vows.”

Mr Little Jeans – “Paper Vows” single

“I opened doors for you on the daily, I danced your fandango. But I am over being gentlemanly and taking the low blows. Say it like you mean it now, looking from a long way down. The blood from the fall comes crawling out. Time to hear the quiet-loud, time to let the muted shout. We’re lighting up the sprawl with paper vows. Slip of the tongue, old conversations fill up my lungs, paralyzation. But it’s just a stumble you can’t undo.” – lyrics

‘Paper Vows’ is about a young woman who has built-up anger but she decides to look at her past experiences with new clarity. Apparently, she wanted her life to be completely warm and tender, but certain things didn’t turn out that way. Therefore, she admits, “I could put it to the side as bad dreams, but it’s adding up.”

‘Paper Vows’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with listeners. The likable tune possesses shuddering bass synth, ice-cold trap drums, and an incredible, enveloping sense of space. Furthermore, “Paper Vows” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Mr Little Jeans in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“I’ve been away, but as of lately, I see that I’m the one to save me.”

Mr Little Jeans press photo
Photo by Nina Jordan

After an extended hiatus, Mr Little Jeans returns with stoic conviction, forging a path of self-empowerment: a way to reinterpret the nightmares that had plagued her life and a way to reaffirm the creativity that’s always been her guiding light.

The Mr Little Jeans moniker was adopted from Wes Anderson’s 1998 film, “Rushmore.” Since then, the singer has released two EPs (Good Mistake and F E V E R S) and a debut album (Pocketknife). While her cover versions of well-known Beyoncé and Arcade Fire tracks initially launched her into the public eye, it’s her original songs that have earned support from tastemakers and media outlets.

Mr Little Jeans is currently working with a team of talented producers: Drew McFadden, Leon Jean-Marie, Tim Anderson (Banks, Halsey), and Aron Forbes (Billie Eilish, Banks, Olivia Rodrigo).

“I’ve been watching my back, every step with a bat.”

Mr Little Jeans - “Paper Vows” song cover art

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