Mozado & Danny Diamonds release a boomin’ rap tune, entitled, “Tangerine Dream”

Mozado (Tyler Campbell) is a Boston based beat-maker, music producer, DJ, and audio engineer. Not too long ago, he and Danny Diamonds collaborated on “Tangerine Dream”, a boomin’ rap tune from Mozado’s debut EP, entitled, “From Boston w/ Love”.

Mozado & Danny Diamonds” – “Tangerine Dream”

“Looking for something new to call my own, I can’t do this all alone. This music play a part of us, I knew it all along. Too long I’ve been going through the motion, in love with the potion. I scribble the notes ‘cause I’m stuck on this notion. That cause and effect end up causing commotion.” – Lyrics

‘Tangerine Dreams’ contains a relatable storyline, expressive melodic raps, and a bouncy instrumentation oozing with a hip-hop flavor. Also, it possesses a feel-good vibe. 

Mozado – “From Boston w/ Love”


Mazado’s “From Boston w/ Love” EP features talented artists who represent Boston’s urban hip-hop scene. Also, to get a better understanding of Boston, check out Mozado’s EP, which is tasty like a Boston creme donut.

Mozado – “From Boston w/ Love”

Mazado is identified by his comedic producer tag, “Wait, so Mozado made this?” He graduated from the Mary Pappert School of Music of Duquesne University, where he played jazz and classical saxophone for over 12 years. His musical influences include hip-hop, Edm, r&b, soul, jazz, pop, and classical music.

We recommend adding Mozado’s and Danny Diamonds’ “Tangerine Dreams” to your personal playlist.

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