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MisterWives releases an appealing music video for their sensational new single, entitled, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

MisterWives is a band based in New York City. Not too long ago, they released an appealing music video for their sensational new single, entitled, “Where Do We Go From Here?

MisterWives – “Where Do We Go From Here?” music video

“Where do we go from here when the floor’s not near my feet? Pulled up from underneath, knocked the wind right out of me. Looking like a fool ‘cause I trusted you. Had me doing things I swore this time I would never do. Let me know what you want, ‘cause you don’t touch my body. You’re looking at everyone, but never looking at me. I gave you all my love, how am I not enough?” – lyrics

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other. When she thinks everything is okay between them, she lets her guard down and starts trusting her partner again. But then, her companion does something wrong that totally changes her mind. During these dire moments, she sits up all night with fits of jealousy, wishing she can forget what she has discovered in her partner’s history. Later, she tells her companion, “Let me know what you need ‘cause I know that this could be better than any dream. If you would only let me give you all my love, or am I not enough?”

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with listeners who are experiencing some type of anger, fear, or jealousy that derives from the broken trust in a relationship. The emotional tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and synth-pop elements. Furthermore, MisterWives stated that Where Do We Go From Here? serves as “a four-minute soundtrack for those complex and uncomfortable emotions.”

“I gave you all my love, how am I not enough?”

MisterWives press photo

‘Where Do We Go From Here’ explores the world of anxiety, fear, paranoia, doubt, and the shapeshifting that occurs when trust is lost and the complexities that come from not feeling good enough take over. We got to play out the depths of these emotions in neo-noir influence with our dream director, Dano Cerny, who helped harness the frantic panic and lurking darkness that chases you when you feel unsure about your worthiness. It was such a fun experience visually pushing ourselves into new territory that amplified the song through the disguises of Molly, Maxi, and Marilyn-their alter personalities gave glimpses of the coping mechanisms and inner battles happening when trying to change yourself for the love and approval of others.” – MisterWives explained

MisterWives consists of lead singer Mandy Lee (Amanda Lee Duffy), percussionist Etienne Bowler, bass guitarist William Hehir, guitarist Marc Campbell, and saxophonist Mike Murphy.  To date, they have accumulated over 500+ million streams, toured with Twenty One Pilots, played BottleRock, and are set to perform at Central Park Summerstage. Also, the band has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, GMA, and Late Night with Seth Myers.

MisterWives – “Where Do We Go From Here?” single

MisterWives - “Where Do We Go From Here” song cover art

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