Michaela Slinger's “Too Good To Be Great” cover art.

Michaela Slinger unveils an appealing video for her “Too Good To Be Great” single

Michaela Slinger is a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. Not too long ago, she released an appealing video for her “Too Good To Be Great” single.

Michaela Slinger – “Too Good To Be Great” music video

“I’d describe you as pleasant. I’d describe you as fine. Yeah, I’d say it’s a nice way to spend my time. But I wouldn’t for a minute ever promise not to quit this ‘cause you don’t make me ache. You don’t get me out of bed. You don’t have me in my head. I’m not replaying every single little thing you said. I try to talk myself out of the feelings, of the doubt. But I finally got you figured out. You’re too good to be great.” – lyrics

‘Too Good To Be Great’ tells a bittersweet tale about a young woman who shares a decent relationship with her significant other. Apparently, her partner is good, but not great. Her companion is everything she ever wanted, but her partner doesn’t make her heart ache. Therefore, she takes her partner for granted because her partner makes life too easy. Later, she admits that she has her partner locked in her back pocket, and that doesn’t turn her on. What she needs is a great adventure and obstacles to hurdle. She needs someone she can chase, someone she hasn’t figured out yet.

‘Too Good To Be Great’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with a pleasant indie-pop aroma.

Michaela Slinger

Michaela Slinger press photo sitting on the floor with plants around.

Michaela Slinger’s family has always said that she was singing before she was able to talk. They pinpoint it to her hearing Celine Dion on the radio while strapped into her car seat at nine-months-old. By the time Slinger was three—yes, three—she had sung the national anthem at a sold-out NBA game. From there, it was obvious that music was going to be her life’s passion.

Fast-forward to today, 20-years-later, and Slinger is finally ready to share her full-length debut album, “Panorama,” available on April 16, 2021, via 604 Records. The project was co-produced by JUNO-winner, Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen, Fake Shark) and JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter, Louise Burns. The album’s blend of modern sounds and thought-provoking lyrics brilliantly displays Slinger’s rapid evolution since she recorded her debut single, “Flux,” in 2018.

“Panorama” album

Michaela Slinger's "Panorama" album cover art.

“‘Panorama feels like I packaged up 24 years’ worth of my heart and soul and ideas and readied myself to drift it out to sea for whoever happens to float by. It’s an exhilarating and terrifying process that I’m embarking on for my first time. I’m excited about the new places and people it will lead me to, and—I’m sure—to do it all over again soon. I hope it makes you feel something.” – Michaela Slinger explained

‘Panorama’ takes listeners on a dizzying journey through the first 24 years of Slinger’s life. It is equal parts coming-of-age and old-soul wisdom. A Millennial/Gen Z cusp kid’s unflinching look at how relationships of all kinds expand and contract within 21st-century pressures.

Indeed, Slinger has steadily been building emotional connections with listeners around the world through her 2020 singles, “Don’t Wait,” “Tarot,” and her most recent offering, “Make You Sad,” all of which are included on “Panorama.” The common thread among them is Slinger’s natural ability to bear her soul while still utilizing her voice as an additional instrument within each song’s musical framework.

Michaela Slinger – “Make You Sad” (Official Video)

It’s often been said that the ultimate test of a great pop song is whether it retains its power when performed in a completely stripped-down manner. Slinger has already demonstrated this with an acoustic version of “Don’t Wait,” which she made available in late 2020. Other songs on “Panorama” such as “Lay Down” and “Long Love” likewise don’t hide their acoustic origins, adding yet another dimension to her overall sound.

It was all supposed to lead up to Slinger getting to show off the full range of her abilities on stage. Something she only briefly got a chance to do in early 2020. She had performances at Vancouver venues like The Biltmore, The Imperial, and the Vogue Theatre. But until she can play live again, Slinger devotes much of her non-music time to the non-profit community organizations she works for. Organizations that embolden youth to make a social and environmental change in their communities.

Michaela Slinger

Michaela Slinger press photo standing in the kitchen.

‘Panorama’ is Slinger’s grand attempt at fitting a complex, messy quarter century’s worth of love, loss, and experience within the confines of an album. It is a body of work that draws meaning from the mundane and threads a line between her distant past and possible futures. As an artist just beginning to realize her full potential with “Panorama,” Michaela Slinger is most assuredly set to make an immediate impression on the Canadian music scene and beyond.

“Panorama” album

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