Michael Kay - Toxic - press photo
Photo Credit: Jarrad Levy

Michael Kay releases a heartfelt R&B single, entitled, “Toxic”

Michael Kay is an up-and-coming Zambian-born singer-songwriter based in Perth, Australia. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt R&B single, titled, “Toxic,” produced by Ralph Tiller (Muni Long‘s “Hrs and Hrs”).

Michael Kay – “Toxic” single

“Chapter one, we had fun, back when you still held my hand. We were talking about a five-year plan, getting wed, having some kids, even took you to my mum’s crib for the weekend. Little did we know, this love was damned. The hourglass is running out of sand, nothing ever goes as it was planned.” – lyrics

‘Toxic’ tells a somber tale about a vulnerable young guy who shares a failing relationship with his toxic lover. They’re both losing focus, so he thinks it’s time to put his partner on notice that things aren’t going to change. Later, he tells his companion, “Shoulda taken the warning signs when you told me, he’s a friend. And all I need was to give you my trust in return. It’s something that you never really had. So when I caught you creepin’ – that was whack. I knew that all I had to do was laugh. The dude you smashed was average (has been).”

Michael Kay guides listeners through a narrative about an experience in a relationship that brought out the worst in him. The song showcases Michael’s ability to cleverly deliver some petty lyrics while asking for accountability and commanding the respect he deserves. Furthermore, “Toxic” serves as a savory taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Michael Kay’s upcoming project.

“It’s like every conversation ends up in flames.”

Michael Kay - Toxic - Artist Photo
Photo Credit: Jarrad Levy

“I’m so excited to finally start to release the surge of new music. I’m currently writing and recording new music for my next project. The last three singles and ‘Toxic’ is just a sample of what’s to come. I hope you all enjoy it.” – Michael Kay stated

Michael Kay, an anomaly, is able to shift across traditional R&B, soul, funk, Pop, and rap music. First hitting the music scene with his single, “I Don’t,” Michael has evolved his sound constantly infusing his songs with irresistible hooks, lyrics, and melodies.

Michael lives in a multi-genre alternate universe which he says is inspired by the variety of music he was raised on. He is known around Perth for delivering high-energy, well-thought-out, and entertaining performances that leave audiences feeling amazed and empowered. His soulful melodies, concepts, memorable lyrics, and stage presence have become his signature and have been coined The Michael Kay Experience. Michael’s goal is to level up with each project, create new trends, and present art that is authentic and doesn’t strive to be flawless, just honest.

“I’m tired of all this pettiness. We argue for the hell of it.”

Michael Kay - “Toxic” cover
Photo Credit: Jarrad Levy

“I brought that up just to win the fight. Two wrongs ain’t make it right but I do in spite. You been acting petty so you keyed my car. It ain’t really workin’ so I’m out the house. This is war babe. You want crazy? Don’t be actin shady cause you made me.” – lyrics

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