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Michael B. Whit releases a spectacular Country tune, entitled, “40 Acres Down”

Michael B. Whit is a talented singer-songwriter and producer from a small town in Illinois. Not too long ago, he released a spectacular Country tune, entitled, “40 Acres Down.”

Michael B. Whit – “40 Acres Down” single

“How long do you think you can keep a cowboy waiting? Girl, I want you, can’t you feel my heartbeat racing? Got a homestead, just a mile outside town. If you’re ready we can head there now. You do me, I’ll do you, we got that kind of luv’n. Girl, I love the sight when you ain’t wearing nothing. Make you scream so loud, they hear you in the next town.” – lyrics

‘40 Acres Down’ tells a romantic tale about a young guy who desires to partake in an intimate act with his significant other. Apparently, she had a very long day and is in desperate need of some tender love and care. He seizes the opportunity and drives her down to his homestead (a farmhouse and land devoted to his crops and animals). After reaching their desired location, he tells her in a charming way, “Girl, why don’t you say we throw this thang in park?” She agrees, and he puts his hands on her waist and says, “As soon as I let this tailgate down, I’m gon’ take you all the way.” Before she can reply to his remark, he continues, “Don’t worry ‘bout the sound when the nearest neighbor is 40 acres down.”

‘40 Acres Down’ contains a steaming-hot narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Jimmie Allen, Morgan Wallen, and Blake Shelton. The fascinating tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation bursting with contemporary Country and soulful R&B undertones. Furthermore, “40 Acres Down” is the perfect soundtrack for couples who are spontaneous by nature.

“Girl, I love the sight when you ain’t wearing nothing.”

Michael B. Whit press photo

“The best way for me to explain this song is that it’s my take on if Blake Shelton and Prince collaborated on a track. Someone once said that while Country music has tons of love songs, they don’t have hardly any tunes that you can make love to while listening. ‘40 Acres Down’ will make you blush and help change all of that as it is the first-ever baby-making country song.” – Michael B. Whit explained

Michael B. Whit was influenced by his father, who used to put him on his lap as he practiced the bass guitar and drums. Later, Michael traded in his football helmet for a microphone and began his music career. Since then, he has received a Stellar Nomination for Producer of the Year and graced Billboards Top 20 charts three times.

“Make you scream so loud, they hear you next town.”

Michael B. Whit - “40 Acres Down” song cover art

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