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MAYCE releases an emotional pop ballad, entitled, “Can’t Get Over Us (Unplugged)”

MAYCE (@mayceworld formerly known as Macy Kate) is a talented singer-songwriter born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Not too long ago, she released an emotional pop ballad, titled, “Can’t Get Over Us (Unplugged),” an acoustic version of her previously released single, “Can’t Get Over Us,” featured on the singer’s 2020 “Cry For Help” album.

MAYCE – “Can’t Get Over Us (Unplugged)” video

“I might be too f***** up, maybe I’m out of luck. I think I’m over love but, maybe I think too much. The way that you speak, it’s hard to believe that you don’t wanna leave if nothing is wrong with me. And honestly, it’s getting harder to sleep with you right next to me. Is this what you want, baby? Tonight, I’m drinkin’ cheap vodka and peppermint. And I need you more than a little bit, but we’re so far gone.” – lyrics

This variation of “Can’t Get Over Us” portrays a more personal, deeper look inside MAYCE’s mind as she intimately shares her emotions on her sleeves. MAYCE has previously talked about wanting to break out of any limitations she could face and reach a new level of authenticity. She sings with passion, “I’m losing you and you’re using me, it’s not what it’s supposed to be. I swear this is killing me.”

There is nothing but authentic emotions behind every aspect of this new interpretation, from the piano arrangement played by MYGUYMARS to the lyrics, to the clear passion in MAYCE’s voice on the track that will tug at listeners’ heartstrings. This rendition will also hit people where it matters, drawing out feelings that the artist is familiar with as well. The acoustic version of “Can’t Get Over Us”  will have you going through every emotion in the lyrics, while being comforted by the fact that MAYCE has felt it all too.

Macy Kate – “Can’t Get Over Us” (Official Video)

As an artist, there can be a risk in being vulnerable in your lyrics and letting the world see this personal side of you. With this version, MAYCE gives listeners a way to break past any boundaries and lets listeners know just what goes on inside her head from a different point of view.

“But, I can’t get over us, I think that I think too much.”

Hearing this song unplugged creates a softer feel with a more emotional approach. “Can’t Get Over Us (Unplugged)” has a deeper meaning than the original song. It’s honest about being emotionally messed up from a relationship. Coming to terms with never getting over a certain relationship/person no matter how much you try to numb the feeling. Any substance can’t get rid of the memory of the relationship. The acoustic version brings out MAYCE’s vocal range and piano background.


MAYCE press photo

In 2015, Flo Rida approached MAYCE about joining his worldwide tour for the multi-platinum hit song, “My House,” and at only age 17, MAYCE began performing at venues such as Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Gardens in places such as Shanghai, Cannes, and London.

After this opportunity, MAYCE began making covers and uploading them to YouTube, where she now holds over one million subscribers. MAYCE is best known for her cover of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons with over 39 million views. Follow MAYCE on Instagram.

MAYCE – “Can’t Get Over Us (Unplugged)” single

MAYCE – “Can't Get Over Us (Unplugged)” cover art

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