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Malavika releases an empowering new R&B single, titled, “Overdrive”

Malavika (Maal-vi-kah) is an international singer-songwriter from India. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her empowering new R&B single, titled, “Overdrive.”

Malavika – “Overdrive” music video

“‘Overdrive’ is a song that showcases a different side of my personality. It’s confident, sexual, and empowering. It’s about taking control, reversing gender stereotypes, and expressing yourself unabashedly. But at the same time, it’s a sexy R&B love song that is in an ode to your person.” – Malavika explained

‘Overdrive’ is truly a global collaboration, created across three continents – Berlin, Dubai, and L.A. The song includes an Indian vocal sample sung by Malavika. Her intoxicating vocals are on full display, as she initiates a romance with her lover over a pulsing beat, with natural confidence and sultry playfulness. Following the organic success of the only other two singles to her name, “Don’t Let Go” and “Sugarcoat,” “Overdrive” was created with all the elements that Malavika is most inspired by.


Malavika Press Photo

With West Coast legend DJ Quik, as her mentor, “Overdrive” showcases a combination of Malavika’s confident writing ability, commanding vocals, and musical influences. Alongside songwriting, Malavika has also found herself an advocate for infiltrating her culture into everything she creates. A full-package entertainer, Malavika draws on her globe-spanning influences to craft a mélange of R&B, hip-hop, and pop from a unique perspective.

Malavika – “Overdrive” single

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“Vocally, I wanted to go in on the song in terms of the harmonies, layers, and adlibs. It’s stacked and is reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, one of many eras where the ad-libs really mattered. I have this moment in the second verse where I wanted to have a Queen-inspired harmony moment. The influences in my music are unique to my experience and upbringing, including the exposure to multilingual music. I try to incorporate sonic and visual elements of my culture whenever I can in a way that’s natural and organic because it’s a part of my identity.” – Malavika explained

Malavika began to display a profound love for the performing arts from her earliest years and began performing at just three years old. Being exposed to various contrasting worlds and cultures throughout her childhood has had a transformative role in Malavika’s development as an artist. Imprinted with her parent’s love for music, Malavika grew up idolizing Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Tina Turner, alongside Indian masters like A.R. Rahman – not to mention the harder-hitting hip-hop of Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Kanye West, and Drake.

Malavika – “Sugarcoat” music video

“‘Sugarcoat is about how sometimes in life and in relationships being super real and truthful pushes people away. But that’s not going to stop me from being honest. I gotta stay true to who I am and I hope this song inspires listeners to unapologetically speak their truth.” – Malavika explained

These influences helped push Malavika to make the move to Los Angeles to pursue her career, where she was discovered by West Coast legend, DJ Quik, who is now a mentor and collaborator furthering her development as an artist. DJ Quik and Malavika have since worked on a variety of records and toured together performing her music at the Novo in LA and venues all across the Bay Area.

In 2020, Malavika’s debut single, “Sugarcoat,” followed by her 2023 release of “Don’t Let Go,” which premiered on BBC Radio. During quarantine, Malavika posted a cover, “All N My Grill,” on social media which warranted a response from the legendary Missy Elliott herself. Her vision is to not only become a global artist but also to create music and art that go beyond borders to integrate various cultures and their musical identities. Bringing people from all parts of the world together into the same arena is what Malavika strives for.

Malavika – “Overdrive” single

Malavika Overdrive Artwork

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