Malan - “Go with the Flow” press photo

Malan releases a cheerful neo-soul tune, entitled, “Go with the Flow”

Malan (Malan Jones) is an up-and-coming 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Wales. Not too long ago, she released a cheerful neo-soul tune, entitled, “Go with the Flow.”

Malan – “Go with the Flow” single

‘Go with the Flow’ tells a chirpy tale about a young woman who doesn’t know where she wants to be in a couple of years. However, wherever she ends up, she guarantees it will be carefree. Later, she reveals, “You probably find me where the sun never goes down, where everybody smiles when you look around. And nobody will care how my life spans out ‘cause they have better things to think about.”

It’s hard not to relax when listening to Malan’s crisp and fresh topline on the leisurely, yet bouncy, “Go with the Flow.” The chilled, laid-back tune contains a relatable narrative and smooth vocals that will resonate well with fans of Mathilda Homer, Poppy Ajudha, Hope Tala, and Eloise. Also, “Go with the Flow” possesses guitar-laden instrumentation bursting with neo-soul, indie-R&B, and lo-fi pop elements. Furthermore, “Go with the Flow” marks the first of three releases over the next three months that will attempt to pick up where “Busy Bee” and “Greed” left off in mid-2020.


Malan - “Go with the Flow” press photo

“I wrote ‘Go with the Flow’ while finishing my uni degree last year. I found myself constantly facing the question of where to go next and what to do with myself once my degree would be over. And so, I wrote ‘Go With The Flow’ as a little reminder to myself to take it easy! I just wanted to write something happy, that would give me a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the uni work. So I really concentrated on getting a happy, cheerful vibe for this song.” – Malan explained

Like so many young artists, Malan was robbed of a couple of years of progress. She didn’t stay still – but kept writing, recording, and planning the next stage of her musical journey. A global pandemic, however, meant that Malan could also concentrate on her music degree, and she achieved her virtual cap and gown in June 2021.

“Go with the Flow” single

Malan - “Go with the Flow” song cover art
Artwork by @rhysgrail

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