Mahogany Lox - “Sike” cover

Mahogany LOX releases an empowering rap tune, entitled, “Sike”

Mahogany LOX is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an empowering rap tune, entitled, “Sike”.

Mahogany LOX – “Sike” single

“You know you like me, tryna be just like me. Writing out them comments like you tryna fight me. Ha, (post up). You think you know me but you’re too below me. My name is all up in yo mouth like you tryna blow me. Ha, gotta catch your breath. You’ve been chasing all that clout now you need some rest (goodnight). Why you playing checkers when we playing chess. Checkmate I’m your queen, bend the knee.” – lyrics

‘Sike’ finds Mahogany LOX showcasing her lyrical skills as she conquers emotional challenges with sass and confidence. Also, “Sike” follows hot on the heels of Lox’s “Take Your Man” single, which went viral on TikTok (with over two million individual TikTok videos being made). Furthermore, “Take Your Man” has over 14 million streams online via Spotify.

“‘Sike’ is a confidence anthem. It’s supposed to show that it’s okay for you to cry and feel emotions. But at the end of the day, just know that you’re amazing and some people only want to bring you down because they want to be like you.” – Mahogany LOX

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