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Maggie Andrew Shines Bright with her Debut EP “DAY JOB”

Maggie Andrew (@maggiedandrew), a rising singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia, Canada, is making waves in the music industry. With a voice that captivates and lyrics that resonate, Maggie has quickly become a name to watch. Recently, she celebrated a significant milestone in her career with the release of her debut EP, “DAY JOB,” via turtlemusik.

The project marks the culmination of an exploding period of creativity for Andrew. Each track on the EP showcases her unique style and the emotional depth she brings to her music. From catchy hooks to heartfelt ballads, “DAY JOB” is a testament to Andrew’s versatility as an artist and her ability to blend relatable themes with innovative sounds. Her witty lyrics and engaging melodies make each song memorable. Fans and critics alike have praised the EP for its authenticity and the fresh perspective Andrew brings to the singer-songwriter genre.

For those looking to explore new and exciting talent, Maggie Andrew’s “DAY JOB” is a smart choice. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, there’s no doubt that Andrew will keep surprising us with her musical prowess. Keep an eye on this Nova Scotia gem as she continues to shine bright in the music world.

Introducing Maggie Andrew’s “DAY JOB” EP

Maggie Andrew – “DAY JOB” cover
Photo by Griffin O_Toole

“DAY JOB” is the culmination of an “exploding period of creativity” for Maggie Andrew after returning to Nova Scotia after years of immersing herself in the hustle and bustle of LA’s music scene. Experimentation and vulnerability were at the core of “DAY JOB” – swirling together influences from irreverent punk to melodic rap, from simmering R&B to fang-bearing indie rock, the EP is the complete image of Andrew’s lavish alt-pop innovation. The explorations of betrayal, pain, self-possession, love, and rage permeate the warped and high-powered pop of DAY JOB‘s eight tracks and reveal Andrew’s many sides – as an artist, woman, lover, and friend.

“What I am now might not be what I am tomorrow,” Andrew stated, elaborating on the eclectic melange of influences that adorn the record. “I’m constantly evolving, and I’m never going to be bound to one sound or idea. The entire journey I went through – geographically, emotionally, artistically – during the creation of ‘DAY JOB’ was really important. I think it was all meant to happen the way it did because it provided the fuel to get from where I started to the place I feel I’m coming into now.”

Going from the fed-up, glamour-stripping title track, through the punching riffs of “Better Than You,” no track on DAY JOB epitomizes the exploration of heartbreak, betrayal, confusion, confidence, and all things in between, quite like “About Us.”

Maggie Andrew – “About Us” single

“About Us” dials up the emotion as Andrew reinvigorates the sound that marked her debut in 2019. Unpacking the weight of emotion of enduring an abusive relationship with someone struggling with anger and substance issues, Andrew laments the inner conflict between staying and leaving on “About Us” and how this will be received by said abuser. In the EP’s final moments, “About Us” serves only to remind Andrew of how far she has come since the dark days of yesteryear.

“‘About Us’ is a really important song to me,” Maggie added. “I wrote it in my bedroom one night around 2 am. I was just sitting by the piano thinking about my experiences in a past relationship and basically just freestyled about it. Once I brought Carleton [Stone – Canadian singer-songwriter] into the mix it took another year and quite literally 12 versions of the song to get it finished but we did it, and I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Maggie Andrew

Maggie Andrew – “Better Than You” press photo
Photo by Griffin O_Toole

​​Maggie Andrew cut her teeth working for a couple of years in LA with artists and producers like Blackbear, Ash Riser (Kendrick Lamar, AB-Soul), Doc McKinney (The Weeknd, Drake), and YetiBeats (Doja Cat, SZA). Since her debut single “Sleep 4Ever,” Andrew has amassed over 6 million streams globally and has been roundly recognized for her work.

Andrew became a 2023 Top 10 finalist for CBC Searchlight and won the SOCAN x Sirius XM Young Canadian Songwriters Award in 2021. Additionally, Andrew has been nominated as the 2024 ECMA African Canadian Artist of the Year as well as standout performances at JUNOfest, the East Coast Music Awards show, and The Great Escape.

Maggie Andrew

Maggie Andrew – “DAY JOB” press photo
Photo by Griffin O_Toole

With the release of “DAY JOB,” Maggie Andrew has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her talent and dedication are sure to take her far, and fans eagerly await what she has in store next. As Andrew continues to grow and evolve, there’s no doubt that her star will only shine brighter.

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