Madison Beer press shot by Bethany Vargas
Photo by Bethany Vargas

Madison Beer unveils an appealing audiovisual for her “Baby” single

Madison Beer is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, she released an appealing audiovisual for her “Baby” single, via Sing It Loud/First Access Entertainment on an exclusive license to Epic Records.

Madison Beer – “Baby” music video

“Maybe there is something I can take for this. How  much longer I gotta wait for this? I  can see my body on your lips (on your lips, yeah). You  know once you get a taste for it, you will need it, you would pay for it. Go and empty out the bank for this.” – lyrics

‘Baby’ tells a fascinating tale of a young woman who admits that she is the best thing that her significant other ever had. Apparently, she possesses that sugar-sweet love that her companion is going mad for. Therefore, she knows that her “Baby” will keep coming back for more in the near future.

“I  look too good to be up in this bedroom without someone to touch me like you do.”

Madison Beer press photo by Bethany Vargas
Photo by Bethany Vargas

“Coming out of a dark time mentally I inevitably had to build my confidence back up. Writing ‘Baby’ made me feel in control of myself and my body again in the best way. When I wrote ‘Baby’ I was not only reminding myself that I can have what I deserve but also warning the next person that comes into my life that being with me is conditional. ‘If you wanna be my baby’ then know I’m going to be loud, quiet, wild, sexy, shy, high, low. I’m not going to apologize for who I am or shrink myself down anymore so if you can’t deal, then keep walking. I am regaining my confidence and this song truly makes me feel powerful and I hope it supplies anyone who might need a boost of confidence the same thing.” – Madison Beer stated

‘Baby’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a commercial pop aroma. Furthermore, “Baby” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Madison Beer’s forthcoming debut album, entitled, “Life Support”, due out late 2020.

“I’m a handful, but that’s what hands are for.”

Madison Beer BTS photo by Bethany Vargas
Photo by Bethany Vargas

Beer’s upcoming album is a strong personal and artistic statement that sees Madison where she thrives—commanding complete creative control through writing her own songs, producing, and creating her own visuals. The album will feature previously releases such as “Good In Goodbye”, “Selfish” (certified Gold in the U.S.), and “Stained Glass”, which have a combined total stream count of over 282 million. On August 26, 2020, Beer will debut “Baby” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“Baby” single

Madison Beer - “Baby” cover

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