Madelline - “Late Night Text” photo by Betsy May Smith
Photo by Betsy May Smith

Madelline unveils a lovely audiovisual for her “Late Night Text” single

Madelline is a Montreal, Canada-based singer-songwriter originally hailing from Connecticut. Not too long ago, she released a lovely audiovisual for her “Late Night Text” single.

Madelline – “Late Night Text” music video

“You don’t like me, I just fill the void. You don’t like me, you’re just a boy. When I pull in, you pull away. When I’m tired of our dance, you pull closer, yeah. Circles caving into themselves, predictability killing me. (I feel it, it feels the same every time). I can’t wait forever for a late-night text.” — lyrics

‘Late Night Text’ tells an intriguing tale of a young woman who feels she deserves more than the minimum effort that her significant other is currently giving. Apparently, their relationship has her thinking—is this how love is for the modern age? During this time, she decides not to wait around for her companion’s late-night text.

‘Late Night Text’ starts out somber and builds into a catchy electro-pop bop. Furthermore, the likable tune serves as a fantastic presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Madelline’s upcoming EP, entitled, NOISE COMPLAINT, mixed via Zoom with the help of her mixing engineer.


Madelline - “Late Night Text” photo by Betsy May Smith
Photo by Betsy May Smith

“late night text” is your daily reminder that you deserve more than the minimum effort from someone. Don’t waste your time. The mood starts soft and somber. I’m cooped up in my apartment overthinking a connection I thought I had with someone. When the beat drops right after 1:13, the vibe entirely changes. Now it’s a catchy bop about not waiting around for that late night text.” — Madelline stated

Having recently acquired her own studio, Madelline’s entire process of making music was switched up – allowing her to take things into her own hands. She spent days locked up in Mirabel, a small town outside of Montreal, from April to June. Oftentimes, she was anxious and not knowing what to do but create, which was the only thing there for her to focus on. Even though she was staying at a friend’s house, the two barely saw one another except for meals and TV before bed. It was depressing but also productive – the only thing that gave Madelline comfort.

“Late Night Text” single

Madelline - “Late Night Text” coverart by Betsy May Smith
Photo by Betsy May Smith

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