Macklemore - “HEROES” Vevo ctrl LIVE session

Macklemore performs his “HEROES” single LIVE via his Vevo ctrl session

Macklemore is a multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning rapper from Seattle, Washington. Not too long ago, Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announced Macklemore as the next artist in their ctrl. series with a performance of his latest single, “HEROES.” The Budo-produced track featuring DJ Premier will be featured on Macklemore’s forthcoming album, entitled, BEN, set for worldwide release on March 3, 2023.

Macklemore – “HEROES” Vevo ctrl LIVE session

“When I grew up, criminals were my heroes. The beanie from New Jersey Drive over my earlobes. From jump, it was always f*** cops and the bureau. Mix of Casper, Harold, Hunter, and De Niro. Now, I’m with my kids and we watchin’ Olaf. And I’m like, ‘Damn, used to wanna be like O’Dawg. Tuck the Deuce Deuce under the goose, boostin’ y’all. Couple screws loose, cashier turns, poof, I’m gone. Seven, I heard NWA in the street, from my older neighbor who was playin’ ‘F*** tha Police.’ Eleven, writin’ graffiti, fifteen, I’m sellin’ weed. By sixteen, I had an MPC.” – lyrics

‘HEROES’ finds Macklemore rapping about doing petty crimes back in the day at the Boulevard on Broadway before the downtown turned to a big All Saints. Apparently, he was rolling around with a forty-ounce of malt liquor and posted up in front of the 7-Eleven all day. Later, he admits, “My heroes didn’t look like yours. They didn’t work a nine-to-five, they worked a five-to-four. Woke up at three and recorded more. See, my heroes died of overdoses, ridin’ for the culture.”

Vevo’s Ctrl series highlights the work of hard-hitting, cutting-edge musicians making an impact in today’s music scene – both emerging and established. These artists demand attention, and Vevo’s Ctrl shines a deserving spotlight. Macklemore’s performance follows sessions from Rick RossCommonRapsodyFat Joe, Jeezy, JadakissFabolous, A$AP Ferg, and more. Check out the original music video for Macklemore’s “HEROES” single featuring the legendary DJ Premier.

Macklemore – “HEROES” musi video featuring DJ Premier

“(It was hip-hop’s fault) That I wanted to grow up, sell drugs, smoke blunts, drink Mad Dog, and f***. Wanted a windbreaker and some Eastbay kicks, wanted a perm like DJ Quik. My mama said, ‘Ben, are you aware your hair is way too thin?’ But in my mind, I was Junior High Iceberg Slim. Feelin’ fine, gettin’ high, spendin’ time with a b*tch. Takin’ Heineken sips, this is live as it gets, sh*t. But me, man, I wanted to be a vandal. Wanted to kick it with the people livin’ in the bando. On Third and James by the fountain where they panhandle. Runnin’ from the cops, pullin’ scandals, those were my heroes.” – lyrics

Macklemore has made history with a combination of commercial success, critical acclaim, and international appeal. With a total of 13.5+ billion combined streams to date, Macklemore is one of the most successful independent artists of the 21st century. “GEMINI,” Macklemore’s first solo effort in 12 years, was released in 2017 and debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and #1 on the charts for Rap, R&B/Hip-Hop, and Independent Albums, featuring Platinum-certified singles, “Glorious” (featuring Skylar Grey), “Good Old Days” (featuring Kesha), and “Marmalade” (featuring Lil Yachty).

“GEMINI” followed two releases with producer Ryan Lewis: the multiple-GRAMMY award-winning and multi-platinum album, “The Heist” (which spawned two #1 singles, the Diamond-certified “Thrift Shop” and multi-platinum “Can’t Hold Us”) and 2016 release “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” which featured the Platinum-certified single “Downtown.” Collectively, Macklemore’s music videos have been viewed over three billion times and he is one of only a few rappers to have a Diamond-certified single (“Thrift Shop”).


A lifelong Seattle resident, Macklemore has always believed in using his platform, resources, and creative pursuits to have an impact on racial and social justice issues. Macklemore is a co-founder of The Residency, a hip-hop and youth development program that has become one of the preeminent opportunities for young aspiring artists in the region.

Drawing on his personal battles with drugs and alcohol, Macklemore has consistently used his art and platform to raise awareness around issues of addiction and recovery. In 2016, he was featured in a special with President Obama about the opioid epidemic in America and was the first non-administration official ever to participate in the Presidential Weekly Address. He currently serves on the board of directors for MusiCares, The Residency, and The Underground Museum in LA.

2022 saw Macklemore release three singles: the deeply confessional “CHANT” featuring Tones and I, and most recently, the upbeat indie-pop infused “Maniac” featuring Windser, and “FAITHFUL” featuring NLE Choppa.

Macklemore – “HEROES”

Macklemore - HEROES (feat. DJ Premier) cover

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