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MacKenzie Bourg releases a lovely pop tune, entitled, “See You For the Holidays”

MacKenzie Bourg is a singer-songwriter/guitarist from Lafayette, Louisiana. Not too long ago, he released a wonderful holiday tune, entitled,  “See You For the Holidays”.

MacKenzie Bourg – “See You For the Holidays”

“Close your eyes, close your eyes and count to ten. Make a wish before you know it I’ll be home again. I’m far away, too far away but never gone. Waiting for the moment I’ll be back where I belong.” – lyrics

‘See You For The Holidays’ tells a romantic tale of a guy who desires to be with a woman during the holiday season. But he’s many miles away from her locale. Therefore, he makes her a promise that he will see her for the holidays because he wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘See You For The Holidays’ contains a dreamy storyline, lovely soul vocals, and piano-driven instrumentation perfumed with sentiments and a nostalgic aroma.

“See You For the Holidays”

MacKenzie Bourg - “See You For the Holidays” artwork

“This new chapter of music for me is scary. Everyone knows I am comfortable with an acoustic guitar in my arms, singing slow jams. The only way to grow is to be uncomfortable. So when my guitar got stolen, the music got different. I think for the better. It’s still me expressed with different colors.” – MacKenzie Bourg

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