Mabes - general lead press photo by Felicity Davies
Photo by Felicity Davies

Mabes unveils a nostalgic variety-show audiovisual for her “Caught Up” single

Mabes is a singer-songwriter and musician from Billericay, England. Not too long ago, she released a nostalgic variety-show audiovisual for her “Caught Up” single.

Mabes – “Caught Up” music video

“‘Caught Up’ was inspired by lovers that were unable to see each other throughout lockdown. FaceTime and Zoom are great, but when you love and miss somebody, seeing them on a screen just isn’t the same as holding their hand or laying your head down on them. ‘Caught Up’ is about longing to be held and getting lost in the moment with that special person, to make all the worries and darkness fade away. The video was inspired by my love of Bobbie Gentry and the 1960s and ‘70s tv shows. Re-creating this with director Elle Lotherington was a challenge but creating characters is something I love doing!” – Mabes stated

The Ellicia Lotherington-directed video pays homage to the golden girls of the sixties. The UK-native embodies and honors the women that paved the way for artists like her around the world. Notably, iconic trailblazer—Bobbie Gentry, who was one of the first female American singer-songwriters to compose her own original content. Stunting in her satin jumpsuit and gorgeous glam à la Bobbie Gentry, Mabes graciously serenades the studio audience with her wistful lyrics which eloquently capture the longing for your loved ones through shelter-in-place and COVID-19 restrictions.

“Caught Up” single

Mabes – “Caught Up” cover

‘Caught Up’ contains a relationship-based narrative, delicate vocals, and stimulating melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses breezy instrumentation flavored with contemporary folk and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Caught Up” (along with previously released singles “Too Young To Love” and “Danny”) will be featured on Mabes’s forthcoming EP via The Other Songs.


Mabes - general lead press photo by Felicity Davies
Photo by Felicity Davies

“I think fate brought me to Nashville. Before I knew you I felt afraid to be myself, but you embraced me in your open arms and taught me to see things differently. I had always seen the world as a strange place, somewhere I didn’t quite fit in, but when I stumbled across you, I was home.” – Mabes tells Sounds Like Nashville in an exclusive love letter to Music City

Mabes’s singles arrive shortly after the success of her Keeping The Noise Down EP. The four-track project, written partly in Nashville, was a nod to the community she fell in love with. Also, the EP visually transforms all four songs into one collective piece of art. Furthermore, the project represents Mabes’s teenage years and her affinity for the ‘60s/‘70s and southern culture in the states.

“Keeping the Noise Down” EP

Mabes - “Keeping the Noise Down” EP cover

“I was the ‘new girl’ three times throughout my school years. And every time I started somewhere new, I thought ‘This will be the time I find my real friends.’ But no matter what, other kids my age were just very different to me. I questioned who I was and what I believed in. Also, I wondered why no one else thought as deep about things as me. I couldn’t find that place where I was comfortable, or where I belonged. My friends were shallow and I couldn’t see the good in anything. The songs in ‘Keeping the Noise Down’ EP is a reflection of those times and how it was for me.” – Mabes

The collection of songs are sonically elevated from Mabes’s 2019 debut mini-album, entitled, “Wait & See”. The project still echoes the acoustic-country vibe that she is synonymous with. Also, the body of work demonstrates the hotly tipped artist’s continued ability to craft heart-rending pop. Therefore, there’s no doubt that she is leveling up as a global entity and an artist to watch in 2020 and beyond.

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