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Elevate Your Mood with Lowgo & Zach Zoya’s “Soap Opera Pretty” Single

Lowgo (@lowgomusic David Lotey-Goodman) is a fast-rising 23-year-old electronic music producer from Canada. Zach Zoya (@zachzoya) is a talented singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, they released an endearing indie R&B single, “Soap Opera Pretty.”

Lowgo & Zach Zoya – “Soap Opera Pretty” single

“Where do we go from here? Who do I call from now on when I need somebody beside me late at night? What did you think you were getting? Shouldn’t you know me better? I thought I made it clear told it’d end up here. You signed up for the bumpy road, and I told ya, I couldn’t make any promises. And I know it’s hard to call but sometimes we’re better off on our own.” – lyrics

“You’re perfect just the way you are,” Zach Zoya sings passionately to his significant other in a romantic way. He’s willing to give their complicated relationship a second chance. Later, he admits, “I told you my love was toxic,” indicating that he has much work to do to improve himself.

“Soap Opera Pretty” will resonate well with fans of KAYTRANADA, SG Lewis, Mura Masa, and Majid Jordan. The emotive tune sets the tone for Lowgo’s new self-produced EP, “From Here,” a heartfelt body of work worth listening to.

Lowgo – “From Here” EP

Lowgo “From Here” EP cover

“I’ve rarely delved into themes of heartbreak and darker subject matter. This EP represents an effort to change that.” – Lowgo explained

The five-track EP features retrospective lyricism and a different vocalist on each track, produced in Lowgo’s purposeful style of tension.

Lowgo has a background as a jazz pianist, which sets him apart from the crowd. His deep passion for music began at two years old when his parents offered him a small toy keyboard as a gift. This set him on a lifelong path of musical exploration. His experimentation with music software has led him to develop a unique style, using both traditional and innovative musical techniques.

Lowgo’s notable collaborations include Lou Phelps, Veggi, Speng Squire, Mosey (Pierre Sarkozy), Kris the $pirit, Benita, Jayde, Tibe, Jonathan Emile, and more. Lowgo continues to collaborate with various artists around the world such as Zach Zoya, PT, CJ Flemmings, Clerel, and Joseph Tilley, with no plans on stopping.

Lowgo & Zach Zoya – “Soap Opera Pretty” single

Lowgo x Zach Zoya - Soap Opera Pretty cover

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