Love X Stereo
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Love X Stereo performs “Beauties Die Young” on Boot Rec Live

Love X Stereo is a dazzling electro-rock band from Seoul, Korea. The members consist of former skate-punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko. Their dreamy kaleidoscope of stellar synth Pop anthems has enraptured music festival audiences across Asia and North America.


Not too long ago, Stereo released “Beauties Die Young“, a song off their “We Love We Leave, Pt. 2” EP.

Love X Stereo

Love X Stereo

“Love X Stereo blew us away with their infectious electronic rock sound, and their sound is packed with spaced out synths, shimmering guitars, and dreamy female vocals.” — BitCandy ‘SXSW 2016: Best Artists Day 4’

Love X Stereo+We Love We Leave, Pt. 2+coverart

Title: “We Love We Leave, Pt. 2” EP

Genres: Electronic, Music, World, Pop, K-Pop

Released: Apr 29, 2016

Label: ℗ 2016 LXS Studio

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