Loryn Taggart - “Tell Me How” press photo

Loryn Taggart releases an indie-alternative folk single, entitled, “Tell Me How”

Loryn Taggart is a Hungarian-Canadian producer and genre-bending singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, she released an indie-alternative folk single, titled, “Tell Me How,” via baselineMUSIC. The sentimental song is arguably Loryn’s most personal track to date and the fourth single off her forthcoming debut album.

Loryn Taggart – “Tell Me How” single

“You can’t just get up and leave babe, it gets old. Won’t you fight till your dying day, if you never strike gold? I thought there’d be a heaven when I lost my father. But all I got was silence, pretty young thing shock hurts like a heartburn. So go harder and let loose, someone’s gotta pay for that education. The Lost Art of Pulling Through, someone gotta tell me how to breathe harder from the noose.” – lyrics

‘Tell Me How’ tells an emotive tale about a young woman who believes she is something because that’s what she was told. If she was a betting woman, she would have listened to her brothers more. But what does she know if her life was built on a promise?

Loryn Taggart’s soothing vocals and the groove of the track are intended to guide listeners in coming to terms with unresolved feelings and through a healing journey. “Tell Me How” was written about the grief, shock, and pain of losing a parent. Loryn was about to be engaged, starting university, and had just moved to a new city when her dad unexpectedly passed away. During a time in her life when her parents’ guidance was paramount, she was coming to terms with that structure being taken away too soon and too fast. While battling internal questions about life, the loss also brought forth a lot of strength and bonding with her partner and family.

Loryn Taggart

Loryn Taggart - “Tell Me How” press photo

“‘Tell Me How’ was written from the feeling of wanting to climb to the top of a mountain and scream about all the unfair things in life, like losing a parent before the age of 30. The cathartic unfairness and loss, and all of the love that I still have that has nowhere to go. It’s a lot of questioning about how to move on with my life. I wanted the song to be something to groove to, something to feel.” – Loryn Taggart explained

Shortly before losing her dad, Loryn went to see Leif Vollebek in concert. When he sang “Transatlantic Flight,” he had the whole audience entranced in the performance. The groove and the melodic style of this song are deeply inspired by watching Leif live. One night after his passing, Loryn had a dream about her dad and awoke around 3:00 am with a melody in her head. She sat at her piano and started playing around with the melody, which became the humming of the song. The final production by the talented Marcus Paquin and the lush horn section are spectacular compliments to Loryn’s undeniable vocals.

“Someone gotta tell me how to breathe.”

Loryn Taggart - “Tell Me How” press photo

Loryn Taggart has ambitiously broken through the music industry, achieving notable recognition all before releasing her debut album. She was raised in the Prairies and took a leap of faith at just 16 years old when she left her family home and moved to Toronto in the pursuit of living out her dream.

From performing with a Toronto-based bar band to taking the stage solo at legendary venues such as Horseshoe Tavern, Rivoli, Cameron House, and Le Verre Bouteille, Loryn quickly gained acknowledgment through nominations from Canadian Folk Music Awards, the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards, SoundClash Music Awards, and was the runner-up recipient of the Cobalt Prize for Blues Innovative Songwriter of the Year.

“Someone’s gotta pay for that education.”

Loryn Taggart - “Tell Me How” press photo

Now based in Montreal, it wasn’t before long when Taggart’s talents were being noticed. Before the world shutdown in 2020, Loryn had the pleasure of touring with Canadian Folk Musician, Donovan Woods, and most notably in 2021, was asked to audition for the role of David Bowie on an international tribute tour highlighting Bowies ‘The Berlin Trilogy’ era, in which she landed the job on the spot.

After partnering with La Tribe Agence and Moment Factory, Loryn went on to perform the role of David Bowie at renowned venues such as Place Des Arts, Canadian Arts Centre, and the Amphitheatre Cogeco, performing songs such as Station to Station and Heroes, being one of the first female musicians to do so.

In 2022, Loryn Taggart partnered with Marcus Paquin (The National, Tim Baker), and in collaboration with the musicians taking part in the David Bowie tour, as well as Jadea Kelly and Isaac Symonds, she began to record her debut album. Taggart is thrilled to be releasing the full album in fall 2023, thanks to the support of FACTOR Canada.

Loryn Taggart – “Tell Me How” single

Loryn Taggart - “Tell Me How” cover

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