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LONEYO releases a music video for her debut single, entitled, “Baby Boo”

LONEYO is a pop singer from Togo. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Baby Boo”, an emotional debut love song from her upcoming album.

LONEYO – “Baby Boo”

“Are you my baby, my baby boo? My love, my sweetie, my only Chéri. Whatever I do, you say you love me. Should I believe you? You seem so happy. Should I sing to you?” – lyrics

The Kayongo IVAN-directed video finds LONEYO seated on a deep water dock in central Uganda. She’s dressed in a lovely dress while reminiscing about a man she’s in a loving relationship with.

‘Baby Boo’ contains a relatable storyline, happy vocals, and a festive instrumentation flavored with international sounds and a nostalgic vibe.


LONEYO – “Baby Boo” artwork

“I fell in love with her deep voice from the first time we had a recording session together.” – Gaël Brusseelers, Sound Engineer

LONEYO was born in Togo in 1994. She came to study in France when she was 11-years-old. Recently, she graduated from Sorbonne University with a Master Degree in English Literature and Sociology. Her name is a nickname of Lonlonyo, which means ‘Life is all about Love’ in Togolese language.

Also, she advocates for the importance of boosting children’s education in Africa. She’s the founder of Happy Kids’ Association, which aim is to stimulate children’s creativity through music.

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