Lola Lennox WYG press photo outside wearing a stylish pink coat
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Lola Lennox releases an attractive audiovisual for her “La La Love Me” single

Lola Lennox is a singer-songwriter, musician, and model from London, England. Not too long ago, she released an attractive audiovisual for her “La La Love Me” single.

Lola Lennox – “La La Love Me” music video

“In a year where we cannot live normally, I’ve found it uplifting to daydream and go to places in my mind that feel like a colorful oasis. The ‘La La Love Me’ video is an expression of that. It’s a heightened reality of color, sparkling dreams, and a party for one. The song expresses the excitement and nerves of having feelings for someone, but ultimately is a celebration of a lust for life. Working with one of my oldest friends, Grace Pickering, as director was a total joy. She understands my taste particularly well because we’ve been dressing up and talking about our style inspirations since we were teenagers. This video was created to excite, inspire, and encourage people to let go and turn up the music.” – Lola Lennox stated

The Grace Pickering-directed music video follows Lola Lennox around a house while she lives out a daydream. She invites the viewer to join her in a celebration of life, love, and colorful fantasy. The video climaxes with a performance in sparkling gold and soft light, highlighting the soulful prowess of the song. During a time where we are not getting out much, “La La Love Me” encourages us to find our own sense of joy and inspiration, even when we are alone at home.

Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox WYG press photo outside under the sun light
Photo by London Ellis

“I tend to daydream. As a songwriter, I’m drawn to stepping out of the world around me to fantasize about situations that are intoxicating and immersive. Like the way, a certain smell can take you back to a memory from childhood. Also, I like to indulge in exploring states of being that whisk you away. We have all experienced the phase between attraction and commitment, where love has not yet been expressed. And the uncertainty of the future makes you flip between bliss and anxiety, via a chemical rush. ‘La La Love Me’ captures the fervent wishes for love, real love. The kind that makes each day feel like a celebration and conjures an appetite for life.” – Lola Lennox explained

‘La La Love Me’ is an ode to escapism, and draws on Lola Lennox’s fondness to daydream. The song explores the concept of longing for a love that elevates one’s heart, mind, and soul. Furthermore, “La La Love Me” contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and harmonious melodies. Also, the celebrative tune possesses joyful instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic indie-pop aroma. Furthermore, “La La Love Me” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from Lola Lennox’s upcoming debut EP, set to be released in 2021. The long-player project is being recorded in sessions with Eg White (Florence & the Machine, Sam Smith), Dan Wilson (Adele), and Dan Muckala (Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes).

“La La Love Me” single

Lola Lennox - LaLaLoveMe Cover

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