Liza Jane press photo
Photo by Paige S. Wilson

Liza Jane releases a feel-good pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Bring Me Down”

Liza Jane is an LA-based, award-winning soprano singer-songwriter from Key West, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a feel-good pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Bring Me Down.”

Liza Jane – “Don’t Bring Me Down” lyric video

‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who won’t allow anyone to dampen her pleasant mood. Apparently, she just wants to dance the night away, but a certain unnamed individual won’t let her breathe. Later, she tells this nondescript character, “It would take a lot to break me. Don’t need you to save me, let me be free.”

‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ contains a relatively triumphant narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Halsey, Phoebe Bridgers, and Charli XCX. The rhythmic tune possesses dancefloor-friendly, guitar-laden instrumentation bursting with electro-pop flavors and contemporary dance elements. Furthermore, “Don’t Bring Me Down” serves as an up-tempo therapy session for listeners who need a quick pick-me-upper to stay afloat.

“I’m up all night into day, I don’t care if you leave.”

Liza Jane press photo
Photo by Paige S. Wilson

“‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ is about wanting to have a light-hearted good time and be free without anyone – friends or relationships – that bring me down. I want my fans to realize this as well. Don’t let people control your life or let them bring you down. If they really love you, they will set you free. When you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear, ‘Just want to dance by the ocean, feel the sand and breeze.’ I just want to have fun without meeting anyone else’s expectations.” – Liza Jane explained

Liza Jane has a voice that makes her music vulnerable and powerful at the same time. At the age of two, she told her parents, “I came here to sing.” Ever since then, she has been signing regularly. To date, Liza has wowed audiences across America and Europe with her phenomenal vocal ability and rock-opera style.

“Don’t Bring Me Down” single

Liza Jane - “Don't Bring Me Down” song cover art

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