Lisa Punch

Lisa Punch releases a new R&B ditty, entitled, “Fool for Ya”

Lisa Punch is an Afro Guyanese American singer/songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an R&B ditty, entitled, “Fool for Ya”, a single from her “Perfectly Imperfect” EP.

“Fool for Ya”

“I remember this little girl sitting, watching television and all she could see was you. Standing there talking, looking so fine in your suit and tie. And your voice was magic, a little angelic. Thinking I’d be a part of your life, silly of me to think that I’d be your wife. I’m a fool for ya.”– Punch

Lisa Punch  Lisa Punch

“Fool for Love is a song about falling in love with an older man.” – Punch

Lisa Punch

Punch is known for her performance at Rising Star and Miss World 2015. Her accolades include Guyana International Music Awards (2016), Miss World Talent Winner (2015), and
Drama Festival Award Winner (2010-2013).

“Perfectly Imperfect” EP

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