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Limón Limón releases a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Ride Out”

Limón Limón is a future-indie duo from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Ride Out”.

Limón Limón – “Ride Out” single

“When you’re feeling all alone and you got nowhere to go. Just remember there’s a great big world that’s right outside your door. It’s so easy to forget, to forget that we’re here just to connect, to connect. So find your freedom, babe, in all that open space.” – lyrics

‘Ride Out’ encourages listeners to get away, sail away, or ride out of whatever it is that they need to let go of.

The likable tune contains a feel-good vibration, ear-welcoming vocals, and relatable storyline. Also, the song possesses digital synth-laden instrumentation flavored with live instrument sounds, and electro-pop and modern dance elements.

“Ride Out” single

Limón Limón is a name you should remember. The bubbly duo consists of Jason (vocals, guitar, bass) and Rand (keys, synths, drums). Their music seamlessly fuses elements from the past and future, left and right, and up and down.

‘Ride Out’ will be featured on their upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Believing in Yesterday”. The project is set to be released in November 2019.

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