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Lil Tzar releases a catchy rap tune, entitled, “John Wall”

Lil Tzar (also known as Sheikh Fye) is a rapper/executive from Banjul, Gambia. Not too long ago, he released a catchy rap tune, entitled, “John Wall”.

Lil Tzar – “John Wall”


‘John Wall’ tells the tale of a young hustler who has a passion for buying out merchandises in stores. Although he took a couple of loses in the past, his temporary defeats never stopped him from becoming a baller. Therefore, one day, he goes on a shopping spree with a woman he’s in a romantic relationship with. He tells her she can have anything she wants because it’s free or on him. 

‘John Wall’ contains a dreamy storyline, melodic rap vocals, and charismatic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and trap elements.

Lil Tzar – “John Wall”

Lil Tzar – “John Wall” artwork

Lil Tzar spearheads Fye & Barnes artist management company/record label with Samaria Barnes. Also, he co-owns, an Underground Music Award winner for Best Website For Indie Artists.

Tzar has spent the last few years working as an executive behind the scenes. He has worked on campaigns for artists such as Zay Hilfiger and brands like Trapwoodz. Since then, he’s been set to take the industry by storm.

The Fye & Barnes’ roster includes super producer Hendrix Smoke (Lil Wayne, Chief Keef), Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte, Nikkie Bandz, and Javi Gonzalez.

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