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Lil Poppa releases an appealing music video for his “Stop Going M.I.A” single

Lil Poppa is a CMG signee and a popular rapper from Jacksonville, Florida. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his “Stop Going M.I.A” single.

Lil Poppa – “Stop Going M.I.A” music video

“I’ll put my life on the line, then I turn around and put that same life in my rhymes. I try controlling my emotions, can’t put my pride to the side. Certain ones I preached forever with ended up not surviving. And those were my savages. I’ll never have what we had again. Let me switch the topic before I’m sad again. F***, I done made my fans mad again. F*** around and disappear one hundred times this year. I know it might seem strange but I can’t handle no fame. I see more money, more problems, more pain. Thought I made it out but it’s the same old thing. Losing everyone close to you, don’t it f*** with you? Look around, see who stuck with you, and realize ain’t no love in them. I wish it all could be so simple. Physically, emotionally, it all f*** with my mental. Can’t let ’em ’round too close, I built a wall around my temple.” — lyrics

‘Stop Going M.I.A’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young man who never had sh*t in life but tough luck and hard love. He’s nearly close to crossing the finish line, so he can’t give it up now. Rewards await him. Haters label him, The Amazing Mr. F*** Up. He wants them to shut the f*** up. Their opinions don’t count. What matters is what he thinks. Later, he admits, “Doctor trying the best she can, I hope these drugs don’t take me first. Tryna get ’em to understand but I can’t seem to make it work.” It’s true when he says, When you’ve been left scarred, I guess that leads you to scarred people.

‘Stop Going M.I.A’ contains a relatable narrative and melodic rap vocals that will resonate well with anyone who has their guard up playing it safe. The emotional tune possesses thudding drums and bass-laden instrumentation flavored with urban and contemporary rap elements. Furthermore, “Stop Going M.I.A” is featured on Lil Poppa’s brand-new mixtape, entitled, “Half Man, Half Vamp,” which features the previously released single, “Mind Over Matter.”

Lil Poppa – “Half Man, Half Vamp” mixtape

Lil Poppa - “Half Man, Half Vamp” mixtape cover art

‘Half Man, Half Vamp’ features artists NoCap and fellow CMG artist, Lehla Samia. The mixtape is split into two halves — “Half Man, Half Vamp” — to symbolize the duality Lil Poppa lives with as he continues to grow in years and life experiences. Where “Half Man…” explores Poppa grappling with adulthood and a new life chapter as a father — keeping him humbler and in a human state.  “…Half Vamp” taps into his “Vamp” persona — logging in late night hours at the studio, traveling for shows, and channeling his inner artistic energy. These themes and more are on exemplary display on this new mixtape spotlighting Lil Poppa’s growth and redemption as a rising artist. Listen to this dynamic body of work below:

With a knack for enthralling, soulful, and lucid storytelling, Lil Poppa has earned a reputation as one of rap’s most affecting young voices. At just 23, he has experienced some of life’s most traumatic lows and triumphant highs. He channels these experiences into weighty music about his hometown that meditates on the unforgiving nature of the streets.

Lil Poppa’s deeply personal lyrics and singular perspective earned him a deal with Interscope’s Rule #1 joint venture, where he released four projects in three years, including 2021’s critically acclaimed, “Blessed, I Guess,” before signing with Yo Gotti‘s CMG Records in 2022.

Lil Poppa – “Purple Hearts” (Official Music Video)

Lil Poppa’s mainstream breakthrough came with a pair of singles in 2018: “Nightmare on Elm St.” and the plaintive “Purple Hearts,” an independent release that organically amassed millions of views on YouTube in 2018.

‘Purple Hearts’ caught the ear of Chicago star, Polo G, who resonated with the song so much he teamed up with Poppa for their smash hit, “Eternal Living,” from 2019’s “Under Investigation 2.” Later, Polo G took Lil Poppa on his headlining national tour as a support act. That momentum carried into the release of 2020’s “Evergreen Wildchild 2” (2020), and then “Blessed, I Guess” (2021), Poppa’s most critically acclaimed album to date.

“No, it ain’t easy, not saying it’s hard neither.”

When he’s not making music, Lil Poppa gives back to the community, hosting annual school supply drives and most recently teaming up with fellow Jacksonville rapper, Nardo Wick, to host the inaugural Wicked-Wildchild United Summer Bash celebrating their hometown. Whether he’s busy in the community or getting his songs played at NBA finals, Lil Poppa is a dope storyteller whose mission is to deliver relatable music that helps to navigate life’s ups and downs.

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