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Liam Jones releases an appealing music video for his charming debut single, entitled, “Nice Guy”

Liam Jones is an up-and-coming LA-based singer-songwriter and musician from Guatemala. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his charming debut single, titled, “Nice Guy.”

Liam Jones – “Nice Guy” music video

“Colors of nights in shining armor, baby, take my love. Got nowhere to put it and I’m on my way to break my heart all over again. Need some space, if I see one more photo I’ma break something. And I try to be cordial, but we talked too much, and you pull me in all over again. I need you to stop coming up in my conversations. Gotta find the quickest way to get you off my mind. We still text each other with some lovers’ connotations. I said I would not go back to you this time.” – lyrics

‘Nice Guy’ tells a heartfelt tale about a kindhearted young man who decides to go against his good nature by not being the nice guy that he’s known to be. Apparently, he doesn’t want to call his ex-partner to wish her happy birthday because he would feel out of place if he did that. In need of therapy, he politely tells his ex, “I’m still getting over what you said to me, that I’m the only one. That we were meant to be but only for a moment not for life.”

‘Nice Guy’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative and dreamy vocals that will resonate well with music lovers who agree that “moving on is the hardest at night.” The nostalgic-sounding tune possesses thudding drums and electric guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with ‘80s synth-pop, alternative, and contemporary elements. Furthermore, “Nice Guy” is perfect for listeners who are searching for a recovery track that will inspire them to keep on moving towards their next great adventure.

“I love your hue, but I can’t let your purple color my whole life.”

Liam Jones - “Nice Guy” press photo

Liam Jones moved to Los Angeles as a child and quickly started picking up multiple musical instruments including piano, drums, and guitar. His “Nice Guy” single serves as a savoring taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Jones’ upcoming EP, set to be released late in 2022.

“Nice Guy” single

Liam Jones - “Nice Guy” cover art

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