La Felix

La Felix releases an electro-funk tune, entitled, “Comes & Goes”

La Felix is an electronic producer from New Zealand. Not too long ago, he released an electro-funk tune, entitled, “Comes & Goes”.

La Felix – “Comes & Goes”

“You’re the kind who doesn’t make up his mind. I like to know what goes through your head at night. You’re the type who doesn’t seem to mind breaking hearts to get what you want I guess. That‘s just the way you are. And I know I should run far away but whenever I try and call you say to stay.” – lyrics

The idea for “Comes & Goes” originated on a sunny New Zealand day while Felix was driving from Aukland to Queenstown. He gives credit to the beautiful scenery he saw along the way for the song’s bright uplifting sounds, which he feels also helped with the overall flow and vibe of the song as it all came together so effortlessly.

La Felix – “Comes & Goes” single

La Felix

“I usually take a long time to get all the elements together, but with “Comes & Goes”, everything came together very quickly and easily. I actually had a lot more instruments in there as well. But after playing around with it, I felt that it sounded best with everything stripped away, leaving it with just a handful of elements.” – La Felix

“Comes & Goes” is perfumed with a slick seductive bass-line, silky smooth vocals, and delicate melodies. Also, it’s warm with an inspiring summery vibe.

We recommend using it as a soundtrack to your summer days down by the ocean, hanging out by the pool, or simply cruising down the coast in your convertible with the wind in your hair. The volume turned way up to maximum, and not a care in the world.

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