KILLBOY press photo
Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

KILLBOY releases a fascinating pop tune, entitled, “LOVERBOY”

KILLBOY is a rising singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a fascinating pop tune, entitled, “LOVERBOY,” which finds the artist wearing her heart on her sleeve.

KILLBOY – “LOVERBOY” visualizer

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m like the worst and I know it hurts. That’s why you be over there with your friends throwing my name in the dirt. And they can tell you’re hurt too, and I ain’t wanna be the one to hurt you. On god, don’t really deserve you, but you know you can really be a jerk too. And I know, and I know you probably heard some things about me. And you probably wanna stay the f*** from ’round me. Got me saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ I ain’t even sorry. Wait, hold up, baby, don’t go.” – lyrics

‘LOVERBOY’ tells an intriguing tale about a promiscuous young woman who shares an unstable relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she lies a lot, hides her nighttime activities when she unfaithfully sleeps around on her partner. Now, he wants nothing to do with her and vows that they will never be together again. Hurt by his statement, she replies, “The only reason why I went and f***ed your homie, and I don’t regret it for one second. You and your friends can blow me a kiss goodbye.”

‘LOVERBOY’ contains a troubled relationship-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Olivia O’Brien, Upsahl, TeZATalks, Georgia Ku, and Neoni. The dramatic tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an urban contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “LOVERBOY” follows an attention-grabbing performance by KILLBOY at LA’s Emo Nite last week.

“You won’t believe me and it’s so annoying. You end up mad at me no matter what I do.”

KILLBOY press photo
Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

“‘Loverboy’ is a song I wrote when someone I liked didn’t want to date me because they thought I was a hoe. I was. Release your inner hoe this Valentine’s Day and blast this sh*t.” – KILLBOY explained

KILLBOY is a force of nature. Breaking free from a conservative upbringing in a small town between Texas and Arkansas, KILLBOY moved to LA to further pursue the music career she began in high school. Quickly realizing that she didn’t want to rely on others to record, produce, and engineer her music, KILLBOY learned how to do everything herself through tutorials on YouTube. She initially received recognition for her breakout single, the bedroom produced, “WHEREDAFUCC,” in December of 2019, and has followed with several single releases.

KILLBOY – “JUST SAY IT” lyric video

‘LOVERBOY’ follows KILLBOY’s last single, “JUST SAY IT,” which puts the nail in the coffin on a toxic relationship. The song arrived on the heels of the reflective ballad, “SPACE,” and the oh-so-relatable, “I F*** EVERYTHING UP.” The cinematic official visual comes straight from the minds of co-directors KILLBOY and Whaterwhippin Evan.


KILLBOY press photo
Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

2020 saw the purple-haired multi-talented artist release a stream of singles like “HIGH ON MY OWN SUPPLY,” “THATS OK I’LL JUST F*** MYSELF,” and “HOW U GON.” KILLBOY kickstarted 2021 with “U + ME,” a bisexual breakup anthem and her most-streamed song to date, and quickly followed with singles such as “F*** YO FRIENDS,” the delightfully diabolical “CORY WIT THA GF,” and the ever-catchy “TRAVIS.”

In 2021, KILLBOY announced a partnership with Twitch, where fans can tune into segments about music production, beat and music reviews, community events, collaborations, and more, through her channel @KILLBOY.

“I guess that’s my best, so I guess that wasn’t good enough.”

KILLBOY - “LOVERBOY” song cover art

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