Keba press photo by @cristinartistry
Photo by @cristinartistry

Keba covers Lil Pump’s and Kanye West’s “I Love It” single

Keba is an up-and-coming Miami-based artist from Trinidad & Tobago. Not too long ago, she released her “Queen (I Love It)” remix cover of Lil Pump’s & Kanye West’s “I Love It” single.

Keba – “Queen (I Love It)” remix cover

“‘You’re such a f**kin ho, I love it’ isn’t exactly my favorite line to sing with my girls at the club. I’m not a ho and even if I was, I don’t need Kanye to liberate me by calling me one. So I remixed this song for the ladies: something to dance to without feeling degraded. Like I say in the song, “This beat is hard but I couldn’t stand the lyrics so I sat up on the throne just to hit em with the remix, Queen…I Love it.” – Keba

‘Queen (I Love It)’ finds Kebe addressing disrespectful sing-a-long tunes which glorify whorish behavior or pushes the hoe agenda.

Even though Keba wants to dance to these impolite tunes, she chooses not to whenever the lyrics are disrespectful towards women. 

Therefore, she encourages female listeners to skip these disrespectful tracks because these type of songs won’t bring out the best in them.

Keba – “Queen (I Love It)” remix cover

Keba – “Queen (I Love It)” photo

Keba’s soul-flavored tunes are a sensual fusion of pop, R&B, and soul, accented with exotic rhythms and cinematic climaxes.

Her lyrics combine raw vulnerability with a playful exploration of love, femininity, and identity as a first-generation immigrant and millennial.

Kanye West & Lil Pump – “I Love It” Music Video

“I remember when I first saw the video for ‘I Love It’, I wanted to dance because the beat was so dope. But every time the chorus came in, I was like, ‘Why though?’. I had mixed emotions. The song was so catchy! If only the lyrics would stop replaying on my subconscious like a not-so-subliminal brainwash tape. I’ve heard the arguments about it being a celebration of female sexuality and I can’t help but ask myself… If a guy were to approach me and say, ‘You’re such a f**king ho. I love it! Let’s have dinner sometime’. Would I take it as a compliment?” – Keba

Keba – “Queen (I Love It)” cover art

‘That’s a tough one, I know. But after about a nanosecond of deliberation, my final answer is no. I personally don’t know any women who would answer yes either. But hey, different strokes for different folks. That being said, for us folks (women) who hope they never have to respond to that pick-up line…for us folks (women) who don’t need another machismo sing-along to feel sexually liberated. And finally, for us folks (humans) who want to bop to something that won’t make us go ‘why though?’.” – Keba

We recommend adding Keba’s “Queen (I Love It)” remix cover to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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