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Katie MAC releases a glittery pop tune, entitled, “Heartless”

katie MAC is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from the Midwest. Not too long ago, she released a glittery pop tune, entitled, “Heartless”.

katie MAC – “Heartless”

“Couldn’t get the time right, then I left for the limelight. Too young to know our love would expire. Been a while, since I left in August. Don’t know why, but if I’m being honest. Home is where the heart is and I feel heartless. I won’t stay everything was perfect, I won’t even hide it.” – lyrics

‘Heartless’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young woman who reflects on an old but endearing relationship.

Apparently, not too long ago, she relocated to another area, many miles away from her hometown. And every now and then, she thinks about her expired relationship and feels heartless.

‘Heartless’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and energetic instrumentation overflowing with innovative and commercial pop elements.


Katie MAC - “Heartless” artwork

“’Heartless’ showcases a delicate and considered side to Katie’s songwriting, but never loses sight of what makes a great pop song.”

Katie Mac emerged on the scene in 2017. Her music demonstrates story, melody, and honesty.

So far, her singles have amassed over 300k streams online via Spotify.

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