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Just Nell releases a cinematic music video for his “S.G (4K)” single

Just Nell is an up-and-coming Bronx-based rapper from Jamaica. Not too long ago, he released a cinematic music video for his “S.G (4K)” single, directed by Nnamdi Simon.

Just Nell – “S.G (4K)” music video

“This is not no science, I know cats for circling the belt like it’s Orion. Drop my piece before I hit the streets, still heard the sirens. Want you want with me, my niggg, protect your environment. Please this is disrespect, you downplay my intellect for that 5G, I’m surprised how much you disconnect. I can not be Black in peace no more that’s not safe. So I rather black and piece you up for that break. Guns by the safe, lungs need some space. Actually, know that casualty might boost the pay. Actually, know that salary feeling like slaves. So actually, abnormalities could be a way.” – lyrics

‘S.G (4K)’ is short for Survivor’s Guilt in 4K. The song finds Just Nell rapping about being Black in America or being born in madness. He raps about his reality, “I cannot be Black in peace no more, that’s not safe,” indicating that he is oftentimes at war, mentally and physically. Beyond his environmental conflicts, Nell questions how “free” are we really in America?

‘S.G (4K)’ spawned from a piece of digital art and a five-hour studio session. Since then, the song has blossomed into so much more. Furthermore, “S.G (4K)” contains a conscious narrative and harmonious rap flow that will resonate well with fans of Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino. Also, the likable hip-hop tune serves as the lead single from Just Nell’s upcoming project, entitled, “Dutty Clatt.”

“You don’t want no smoke, these magazines – call it Fader. Before I die from shock, she said, ‘She thought it was a taser.’”

Just Nell press photo

“‘SG4K’ depicts the burden of the Black plight and challenges the idea of generational weight. The story captures the nuances of the culture while also examining the hard truths of the Black experience. It is finally a call to today’s America: ‘Don’t let history define us!’” – Just Nell explained

Every day, many of us find ourselves faced with different chains of trauma. We are overloaded with the overwhelming constant, but even so, we persevere because that’s what we do as individuals and as a people.

Just Nell’s music gives listeners that vivid picture of what life is like for people who are deprived of a certain upbringing. Also, his lyrics contain scenes and decisions made by his peers while capturing his surroundings in great detail.

“S.G (4K)” single

Just Nell - “S.G (4K)” song cover art

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