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Discover JOYNER’s Latest Track, “New Friends”: The Dynamic Duo’s Ode to Renewal

Emerging onto the music scene with an unmistakable blend of authenticity and innovation, JOYNER (@joynerband), the dynamic duo consisting of sisters Summer and Torrey Joyner, has just unveiled their latest single, “New Friends.” This emotionally charged and thought-provoking pop track is a testament to their distinctive sound and poignant storytelling.

JOYNER – “New Friends” music video

In the visually captivating music video, JOYNER teamed up with director Brad Besser, drawing inspiration from an old arthouse film shot in 1958. Filmed in a warehouse in DTLA, the video is a series of bursts of photographs, showcasing the duo donning several “new looks” representing the need for a new identity, as the song lyrics read, “I need a new life; it’s nothing personal, I’m different now.”

“New Friends” exudes an infectious and danceable vibe that’s impossible to resist. With its pulsating percussion, wavy synths, groovy guitar, and an upbeat tempo, the song transports listeners to the heydays of roller-discos and neon lights. The ‘80s-inspired sound of “New Friends” evokes nostalgia with a fresh and contemporary twist, making it the perfect anthem for modern pop lovers everywhere.


JOYNER press photo

“We wrote ‘New Friends’ during a time in our lives where we wanted to be around people who didn’t know us at all. We had just been through a life-altering experience and wanted to be anonymous. There’s something exciting about getting to start over. This song is about turning your sadness into optimism and becoming someone new.” – JOYNER explained

“New Friends” is the second single from JOYNER’s upcoming album, set for release in early 2024. With renewed and fresh energy, JOYNER sings with great passion, “I need some new friends, no offense to my old ones but I’m different now. No expectations, I want to get lost somewhere out in the crowd.”

JOYNER – “Ted Lasso” (Official Music Video)

Every artist goes through a rebirth, for sisters Summer and Torrey Joyner, that evolution began with a life-changing experience that altered their world forever. Their “New Friends” single follows their deeply personal track, “Ted Lasso,” which delves into their experience coping with the loss of their mother.


JOYNER – “New Friends” cover art

“The journey of grief isn’t all sad, but it’s deep. Making this body of music was our cocoon as we each became someone new. Happy, sad, madly in love, this record captures it all with a kaleidoscope of color.” – JOYNER stated

JOYNER’s music is marked by its emotional depth, relatable themes, and unique sonic arrangements, creating an unparalleled connection with their audience, a trend that can be expected to continue with their highly anticipated debut album, which traces the story of the year following the loss of their mother.

From painful grief to falling in love, and becoming someone new, the album is a free fall into the unknown of starting over. Full of dreamy synth-pop tracks that will make you want to cry and dance your face off, ultimately the album is about finding happiness again.

Fans should follow JOYNER online to keep up with new music and announcements as the release of their anticipated album approaches.

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