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Josh Bogert releases an engaging pop tune, entitled, “Dad’s Car”

Josh Bogert is a rising singer-songwriter/actor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an engaging pop tune, entitled, “Dad’s Car”.

Josh Bogert – “Dad’s Car”

‘Dad’s Car’ tells the daring tale of a young guy who tempts a young lady to run away with him. Apparently, the getaway vehicle of choice is his father’s yellow-colored sports car.

With a pocket full of cash, the joy-seeking twosome leaves everything behind as they cruise in the middle of the night down a one-way street.

‘Dad’s Car’ contains a dreamy storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and ripe instrumentation flavored with future bass, electro-pop, and urban-dance elements. Also, the song was produced by Sean Fischer (French Braids) and a topline co-written with Andy Delisi and John Mavrogiannis.

Josh Bogert – “Dad’s Car”

Josh Bogert – “Dad’s Car” artwork
“‘Dad’s Car’ tells us the age-old story of teenage romance and the fleeting fantasy of running away.”

Josh Bogert is ready to solidify his spot in the realm of commercial pop music. So far, he has performed in venues such as Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre, and the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

Aside from music, you can find Josh on Disney’s, Netflix’s, and Family Channel’s original series “Backstage” bringing the character of Miles Lennox to life in brand-new episodes every Friday at 6:30 pm.

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