JONES releases a delicious acoustic EP, entitled, “London” [REVIEW]

JONES is a talented R&B/Soul singer out of East London. Not too long ago, she released a delicious acoustic EP, entitled, “London”.


Tender is a beautiful ballad that captures the uncertainties of being involved in a romantic relationship.

Oftentimes, couples experience high love at the beginning of their union. But, after a while, sometimes, their love dwindles into obscurity. Afterward, the individuals begin to contemplate their next move.

“Give me time. ‘Cause the girl that I’m gonna be in the white dress one day will know who she loves. I love you right now, but will I love you forever?”

JONES, singing from experience, has made her significant other a promise to love him forever. But she doubts if she can. The truth is she doesn’t know if she can keep that promise. 

JONES – “Tender (Acoustic in London)”

“’Cause what if life happens? It ain’t as good as it was. ‘Cause the girl that used to be me, when I look back now don’t know who it was. I love you right now, but will I love you forever?”

The Ciarán Wood-directed video shows the artist seated in a chair, while a musician plays an acoustic guitar. Also, as the camera zooms in and out on the artist singing, fuzzy nostalgic scenes are blended in.


JONES raises the tempo and sets flames to her significant other’s feet by saying, “I wanna know what’s on your mind. Why don’t you just tell me what you want? You think that you got me where you want?”

But he’s not too affectionate. Also, he keeps things within and she wants him to open up more.

JONES – “How About That (Acoustic in London)”

“By the time I got a hold of you. It’s like I got you on an interview. You keep it locked, you hold it back.”

She yearns for his affection and 24-7 quality time. Also, she wants him to hold her in public and private, possibly, being more intimate.


JONES addresses the introspective fact that she’s her own worst enemy. It’s gotten to the point where she can hear memories inside her head.

With so many thoughts, good and bad, running through her mind, she looks for ways to turn the switch off.

“You never know I’m like this, no, no. I always learn to hide it, never show. That inside my brain, there’s a war going on. Explosions that I can’t ignore. There’s no point trying to fight it, I know. I’m my own worst enemy.”


JONES flatters her significant other for giving her hope. So much so that she decides to momentarily shred her pessimistic thoughts about the future of their relationship.

“Never tell. Is it going right, going well? But I’m giving in and trusting the feeling.”

She makes up her mind that she will love him until the end of time, even though there’s no certainty in them surviving as a couple.


JONES’s London EP is a delicious ear meal, perfumed with tenderness. Also, the singer leaves an everlasting impression on “Tender”, surely one of the best songs of 2018.

JONES – “London” EP


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