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Finding “Closure” with Jon Vinyl’s Latest R&B Single

Jon Vinyl (@jon.vinyl), a JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter, has been making waves in the music industry with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jon has quickly gained recognition for his unique sound and captivating performances.

Not too long ago, Jon released an honest track that has resonated with fans and critics alike. His ability to blend modern R&B with classic soul elements sets him apart from other artists in the genre. This recent release, “Closure,” showcases Jon’s continuous growth as an artist and his commitment to creating high-quality music.

Jon Vinyl – “Closure” Music Video

“I know you’re not meant for me. We had no love, we had no trust, we had no chemistry, we gave no f****. We made it tough, when it didn’t need to be.” – lyrics

“Closure” resonates with anyone who’s ever struggled to find closure in a relationship. The line, “I need closure, something you ain’t really into,” captures the emotional turmoil of one party seeking resolution while the other remains indifferent. It’s a common scenario where one person feels the need to talk it out, but like a ‘bad plan,’ it often falls through.

As Jon Vinyl sings passionately, “I got money now, multiple honeys now,” he touches upon the changes in his life that might affect his relationships. Despite these changes, he asserts, “I’m still the same dude.” This line is revealing, suggesting that outward success doesn’t necessarily change who we are at the core. However, the people around us, influenced by rumors and external opinions, might see us differently. It’s a witty commentary on how perceptions can often be skewed by hearsay.

Other striking lines are, “She wanna believe I’m a terrible guy, but it’s what her friends say. If only she had an opinion and stuck with decisions, I wouldn’t be irritated.” This highlights the influence of external voices in personal relationships. The frustration is palpable as Jon Vinyl wishes for a more autonomous and honest exchange. This sentiment is relatable to many who feel that their partner’s decisions are heavily swayed by others rather than formed through personal experience.

“I could have took you to Ibiza. I could’ve had your neck and wrist look like a freezer.”

Jon Vinyl press photo

“You had me in a mess and now I’m filled with regrets. This life we live never been checkers, it’s only ever been chess. That’s why I never got along with ya, that’s why our hearts never meshed.” – lyrics

Jon Vinyl‘s lyrics encapsulate the essence of relationship struggles and the quest for mutual understanding. The hope that ‘maybe then we would see eye to eye’ is a universal desire for harmony and agreement. It’s a reminder that despite the challenges, the ultimate goal is to find a middle ground where both parties feel heard and respected.

Jon has given his listeners the ability to tap into their nostalgic moments of love through a sound that has an air of sophistication and vulnerability, which lays the perfect framework for his open and honest accounts of his run-ins with love. With a new decade on the horizon, Jon’s ability to translate his emotions into a widespread commonality amongst his listeners will assuredly scale into even more impactful songwriting.

Jon Vinyl – “Closure” single

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