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Johnny Yukon releases a 2001 Space Odyssey music video for his “Night Like This” single

Johnny Yukon is a Pennsylvania-born Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/producer. Not too long ago, he released “Night Like This”, a melodic urban tune from his upcoming project, entitled, “Flight Plan 001”.  

Johnny Yukon – “Night Like This”

“I’m riding ‘round the ends. Fake friends. Lone self, I got hits to make again. Eighteen but I’m barely tapping in. ‘03 can’t be jumping on the fence. It just depends. I got OGG up in my hand. She could tell she like it by the scent. I been out of town in my defense.” – lyrics

‘Night Like This’ contains a relatable storyline, melodic vocals, and a spunky instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, trap, and urban soul elements. Also, the song tells the tale of a guy who’s living his best life. He’s busy, enjoying the nightlife, and moving around from city to city enjoying the scenery while making and spending money.

Johnny Yukon

Johnny Yukon press photo

Not too long ago, Johnny Yukon co-wrote and co-produced Lil Wayne’s “What About Me” single from the iconic rapper’s “Tha Carter V” album. Also, the in-demand songwriter’s catalog includes Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Camila Cabello, Rae Sremmurd, and others. His “Snooze” track has amassed over 8 million streams within a few months’ time and G-Eazy assisted him on his “Eyes Closed” single.

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