Joel Malka - “Tomorrow Forever” album press photo

Joel Malka releases a lyric video for his “Tomorrow Forever” single starring Hanna Larsson

Joel Malka is an artist, producer, and songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Tomorrow Forever” single starring Hanna Larsson (from duo Lennixx). Malka directed, shot, and edited the video by himself.

Joel Malka – “Tomorrow Forever” lyric video starring Hanna Larsson

“I don’t know how many times I’ve called and told you everything will be alright. Like really, I can see it now, everything will be alright, yeah. I’m talking in my sleep, I need your hand here on my chest. Just say I’ll be alright like you really believe it now. Everything will be alright, say it with me. This time tomorrow, everything will be different.” – lyrics

‘Tomorrow Forever’ contains a  relatable narrative and gentle melodies that will resonate well with fans of Odie, Joji, K. Roosevelt, and Chiiild. The likable tune possesses mellow instrumentation flavored with a bedroom, lo-fi pop vibration. Furthermore, “Tomorrow Forever” is the title track of Joel Malka’s debut album.

Joel Malka – “Tomorrow Forever” album

Joel Malka - “Tomorrow Forever” album cover art

“It’s about this constant chase for something better. I wanted to write about longing, how it’s such a double-edged feeling. It can be comforting and hopeful in one circumstance, then desperate and frustrating in another.” – Joel Malka explained

The 10-track project features Swedish soul queen, Janice, as well as London-based R&B starlet, Aida Lae. Filled with introspective and personal storytelling, the lyrical themes on “Tomorrow Forever” mainly focus on a pursuit of the unrealized and the unattainable.

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The album comes after a lead-up of singles including “Monte Carlo” and “Bless You,” and concludes a busy year for the artist. Over the last months, he contributed to multiple releases as a producer and writer for acts like JUVENILE, Sabina Ddumba, and Fousheé, for whom he co-produced the track, “paper planes,” with Frank Ocean producer, Malay.

Joel Malka

Joel Malka press photo

Joel Malka was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he picked up the violin at an early age through a municipal project and developed an almost obsessive passion for music. As his parents regularly took him to the local library, Joel explored all the records in the music department meticulously. He was eager to learn about the songs that moved him so greatly. He described Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as his first English teachers. Also, he found early musical heroes in Kanye West and Miri Ben-Ari with “The College Dropout.”

Joel Malka

Joel Malka press photo

Having always found communicating easiest through art, the multidisciplinary has developed a unique ability to give unfiltered looks into his world with a pop sensibility. Today, Malka’s distinct sound, blending R&B influences with dreamy Scandinavian melancholy, has caught the attention of critically acclaimed artists worldwide. This has led to Malka dividing his time between his own artistry, and writing and producing for artists such as Masego, Fousheé, and Sabrina Claudio. Also, he has achieved domestic chart success producing for Swedish artists.

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