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Jo Sarah releases a fascinating music video for her “Juicy” single

Jo Sarah is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalists (piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a fascinating music video for her “Juicy” single, produced by Coach Music and co-produced by Jo Sarah.

Jo Sarah – “Juicy” music video

“‘Juicy’ is about the perfect night with the perfect partner and getting the perfect orgasm. It travels from what happens to her mind, to her body, ending with her soul. A full eclectic and fire-work show of an experience.” – Jo Sarah explained

The Leanne Vink-directed video finds Jo Sarah in an intimate setting with her significant other. A variety of sliced opened fruits romantically symbolizes her actively erupting private part. The streamy video, imaginative in its approach, successfully conveys the female orgasm and all the juiciness that comes along with it. Also, the visuals celebrate the beauty and the power of female pleasure in a new, fresh, and uniquely vegan way. Even though the song celebrates women’s orgasms, their male partners are also encouraged to participate at a high level during intercourse.

‘Juicy’ contains a sex-based narrative and arousing lyrics that will surely stimulate listeners in every pleasurable way possible. The sensual tune possesses trap-infused, tropical bass-laden instrumentation bursting with an urban indie R&B vibration. Also, “Juicy” serves as a visually appealing taste of what viewers can imagine seeing from Jo Sarah in the near future.

Jo Sarah

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“‘Juicy’ is an ode to female orgasms. It’s a celebration of the power and beauty of having an orgasm as a woman. It’s not something to be ashamed of, keep quiet, or even forget about. But for every woman to feel empowered by and enjoy. I believe that every woman on this planet should be able to enjoy sex and her sexuality in a safe way without the blocks of shame, danger, or miseducation about her body and what she’s capable of having. I am raising awareness for this belief through my music and my videos.” – Jo Sarah explained

Jo Sarah has been inspired by the cultures she grew up in around the world and her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese). Also, she was inspired by Sade, Sting, Jill Scott, Brazilian music, and R&B music. After her first EP, entitled, “Citizen of the World,” and a successful EP tour, Sarah traveled back-and-forth between Brazil and The Netherlands. During her time in Brazil, she discovered her new sound, inspired by the rhythms of Brazil and female empowerment.

“Juicy” single

Jo Sarah - “Juicy” song cover art

‘Juicy’ is officially the first single of Jo Sarah’s upcoming project, entitled, UMA. The title means ‘Woman’ in Sranan Tongo, the official language of Surinam. The project will be a compilation of songs about female sexuality, its taboos, and Jo Sarah’s personal experiences on those subjects.

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