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JMNI releases a soulful hip-hop and R&B tune, entitled, “Never Let You Go”

JMNI (pronounced “Gemini”) is a brand new LA-based soul-hop duo consisting of Jonathan “JM” Malone and Mark Pelli. Not too long ago, they released a soulful hip-hop and R&B tune, entitled, “Never Let You Go.”

JMNI – “Never Let You Go” lyric video

“I see you blushing your cheeks, toenails on fleek, hair blowing in the wind like mahogany. And when it feel how it feel, you know a feeling this good. We be right in that low-low and blowing that good. See we both got our problems and that’s understood. But a man ain’t a man if his woman ain’t good. I put myself on the line, my pride on the side. I’ve been thinking of purpose and you came to mind.” – Verse

JM starts his verse in a play-by-play, chronological story format. He raps about tapping his friend on the shoulder when the “coldest little baddie” passes by. Later, he mentions his love interest in terms of not just beauty but something much deeper. Pelli comes in with a super catchy chorus:

“It’s the calm in your eyes that bring peace to my mind. And I will never let you go, I will never let you go. Love that you feel that I feel it’s unreal. And I will never let you go, I will never let you go, no.” – Chorus

The duo plays extremely well off each other, and the song leaves listeners feeling elated that true love has been found. Also, “Never Let You Go” displays a sense of nostalgia for things that have brought us love in the past.

“A man ain’t a man if his woman ain’t good.”

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JM is a LA native, growing up at 109th and Crenshaw and then moving to Palmdale at 12. He’s been deeply involved in hip-hop and R&B music his entire life. His uncle, Jerry “Buddy” Long, has written songs for The Temptations. A close family friend built JM a conga drum when he was a kid, and from that point onward, the beat-making seed had been planted. The plant grew quickly and his extraordinary skills attracted the attention of many West Coast collaborators – most notably the late, great Nipsey Hussle with whom JM produced some incredible, timeless music.

Mark Pelli is a singer/multi-instrumentalist from Toronto who currently resides in Los Angeles. He is the guitarist and co-founder of the critically acclaimed group, Magic! Pelli wrote the hook of the earworm, “Rude,” which achieved #1 status around the globe. Also, he’s a prolific songwriter and producer having made songs for J. Cole (“Kevin’s Heart”), Chris Brown (“Don’t Judge Me”), Shakira (“Cut Me Deep”), Anthony Hamilton (“Comin Home”), Trey Songz (“Serial Killer”), Sabrina Claudio (six songs from “Confidently Lost”), JoJo, and Marsha Ambrosius.


JMNI press photo

“Look girl, with all the ladies in the world, it’s so many to choose. That’s how the story always went till I ran into you. I never got it confused, I ran the game by the rules. Wasn’t a player, baby, I just made it do what it do. I heard you got a good job and that you’re going to school. Went over to the east side but now the west side cool. I see you live for the moment that even money can’t buy. And I can’t tell by your vibe that it’s right, right? Remember when I was the new kid on the block? And how you rocked a bang, throwing back a shock top girl. And we would always talk till the morning, every night in the summer, every summer babe. Back when you only wore Abercrombie and Fitch. See me, I only had one wish – for you to be my girl every summer.” – Verse

‘Never Let You Go’ contains a dreamy relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Silk Sonic, Childish Gambino, and Chance the Rapper. The likable tune possesses soulful guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B, modern soul, and hip-hop elements. Furthermore, “Never Let You Go” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from JMNI in the near future.

“Never Let You Go”

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