JID Flex Freestyle #056

J.I.D drops innovative rhymes on Funk Flex’s #Freestyle056  

J.I.D is a Dreamville artist from east Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, he stopped by HOT 97 and dropped some innovative rhymes on Funk Flex’s #Freestyle056.

J.I.D Hot97 freestyle

“Why the f*** you think they got me out the slums of Atlanta? ‘Cause JID a computer, boy, I come with the data. Cool, keeping my balance, stumbled over a carcass. Smooth drink from a chalice, let me cook, I’m an artist. You can never see me, I bring the noise. F*** your haha-s and hehe-s, you see, we deploy. Couldn’t read me if he W.E.B Du Bois. Ni^^a, cease-cease your voice ‘fore we lea-leak your boy. Peep me, JID be on your TV, my girl skeewee. My weed kiwi, my dreads tipi, my oil tea tree. Wake the game up, them boys sleepy. A rose grew from concrete, soil, and feces. Hear me clear ’cause I don’t really like to repeat it. Your favorite rapper gets control-alt-deleted.” – lyrics

J.I.D’s name derived from what his grandmother called him as a jittery child. The nickname stuck and now he’s one of the best new emcees to watch out for in 2017. Not too long ago, he released an album, entitled, “The Never Story.” The 12-track project contains loose, agile flows, dope lyrics, and a pivotal assist from rapper J. Cole.

“The Never Story” album

JID - The Never Story album cover

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