Jessie Munro

Jessie Munro releases a dashing gem, entitled, “Under Fire”

Jessie Munro is a 23-year-old Toronto born, Los Angeles-based alternative-pop singer. Not too long ago, she released a dashing gem, entitled, “Under Fire”.

Jessie Munro – “Under Fire”

Under Fire features a strong, melodic bassline which rides above driving drums and Munro’s soulful, dreamlike vocals. Also, it focus on the pressures of social expectations and constantly feeling scrutinized by others.”

Munro sings about how she felt, being ‘under fire’ from everyone in her life. Also, she came to the realization that other people’s opinions aren’t always definitive.

Inspired by Lianne La Havas and her technique of fusing lyrics with melody, Munro explains, “The intent of the lyric is brought to life with a melody that evokes that same emotion.” Therefore, her intention is clearly apparent throughout the single.

Jessie Munro

Jessie Munro

Under Fire is the lead single from Munro’s debut EP, entitled, “On My Own”. The six-track project tackles the heart-wrenching stages of post-break-up.

Also, it tells the story of living through bleak heartbreak, with relatable honest lyricism and beautifully poetic melodies. It’s an EP of reflection and contemplation.

“Narrating the feeling of being alone, the pain of unrequited love and finding courage and confidence to move on, the release is an authentic story of a lost love.”

Influenced by artists such as Carole King, Daniel Caesar, and Charlotte Day Wilson, Munro describes, “We were trying to harness old school classic sounds and marry them with modern sounds.”

Jessie Munro

Jessie Munro

Finding her start in classical music and musical theatre, Munro attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. That experience propelled her songwriting abilities and gave her the musical maturity which is evident in her music.

Since then, she’s been mesmerizing audiences worldwide with her stunning soulful vocals and sleek, modern-electro R&B/pop.

Therefore, we recommend adding “Under Fire” to your personal playlist. 

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