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Get to Know Jazzy Dale and Dann Dibis’ New “Show Me Off” Single

Jazzy Dale (@jazzy_dale_) is an up-and-coming alternative R&B artist from Sydney, Australia. Dann Dibis is a London-based singer, songwriter, and rapper from Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, they released a lovely urban R&B single, “Show Me Off.”

Jazzy Dale & Dann Dibis – “Show Me Off” Single

“Show Me Off” dives deep into the universal longing for a love that is celebrated openly. The lyrics are a heartfelt plea for recognition and appreciation. Jazzy sings, “Oooh when you show me off that’s all I want, yeah I like what you’re doing.” This line captures the simplicity yet depth of her desire to be valued. On the flip side, Dann Dibis raps, “Girl I love that I can show you off. Ain’t too many places on vacation they don’t notice us.” This dynamic duet showcases the reciprocal nature of showcasing love.

“Show Me Off” is a song that will resonate deeply with fans of artists like Raye, SZA, Charli XCX, and Jorja Smith. Its message is universal, and the emotional honesty of the lyrics strikes a chord with anyone who has ever felt undervalued in a relationship.

Jazzy’s need to feel appreciated and desired is something many can relate to. The plea to be shown off isn’t just about vanity; it’s about wanting to be cherished and publicly acknowledged. As Jazzy poignantly puts it, she was tired of feeling undervalued and got sick of fighting it. This song is her anthem for all those who wish to be loved out loud.

“Baby pick your favorite fit ’cause I’m gonna show you off tonight.”

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“This song is about craving an out loud type of love. It addresses my need to feel special and adored in a relationship. When I wrote it, I was with my partner at the time, who I knew loved me but, I needed more effort, I wanted to feel appreciated and desired. I simply wanted him to be really proud that I was his girlfriend. I was tired of feeling undervalued and I got sick of fighting it.” – Jazzy Dale explained

Jazzy Dale is known for her candid lyricism and heartfelt soul. She tackles toxic relationships with biting 5 part harmonies and irresistibly catchy hooks. Effortlessly pushing the boundaries of the genre, Jazzy is carving out her unique space in the global music scene, drawing inspiration from both trailblazers and hit makers alike.

Jazzy Dale & Dann Dibis – “Show Me Off” Single

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