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J Blitz releases an alternative rap tune, entitled, “Above Water”

J Blitz is an up-and-coming LA-based rapper from Washington D.C. Not too long ago, he released an alternative rap tune, entitled, “Above Water.”

J Blitz – “Above Water” single

“Yeah the stakes too high, and don’t kill my vibe, and gotta keep my head down for now. If I want to touch the sky, don’t tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I know that there’s something inside of me writing these songs, I think this is where I belong. Baby, come and sing along. Baby, can you be my star today? Please don’t take my heart away. Front seat in the brand new whip, I don’t drive that sh*t. So, baby won’t you come my way? Steady in a brand new crib. Come and take a trip to the Westside where I stay. Yeah, I promise that I’ll make your day.” – lyrics

‘Above Water’ tells an intriguing tale about a young guy who is overwhelmed by too many struggles, commitments, and excessive demands. On the surface, he’s doing great, but underneath, he’s screaming out loud for help. Later, he admits, “I’m spending too much time in my head again. Yeah, I’ll be okay. I’m doing fine, but the pressure keeps coming down on me anyway. Either way, I know that these thoughts are here to stay. So I learned to be by myself before I can be with anybody else.”

‘Above Water’ contains a relatable narrative and an ear-pleasing, harmonious rap flow. The mid-tempo, feel-good tune possesses melodic instrumentation bursting with an alternative rap aroma. Furthermore, “Above Water” is the first of a series of singles that J Blitz will be releasing in the near future.

“I got too much at stake to take a second, I ain’t hittin’ no breaks. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

J Blitz press photo

“‘Above Water’ speaks lightly on dealing with anxiety. Personally, this song has meaning as there have been significant struggles in my life recently. However, I’m managing to stay afloat and try to maintain a positive outlook despite certain struggles. I hope other people with anxiety and struggles of their own are able to connect and feel good about listening to this song, knowing it is ok to feel anxiety.” – J Blitz explained

J Blitz produces, writes, and records music from his home. He writes about his personal experiences and makes music based on inspiration. As a self-taught musician, he incorporates a lot of live instrumentation in his music production. Currently, he plays the acoustic and electric guitar, saxophone, and keyboard to name a few. The majority of his best music happens by accident, and it often starts with freestyling guitar melodies that turn into a late-night session resulting in a full-length song. Furthermore, Blitz loves starting with warm melodies and building the beat for the song around a hook. He is heavily influenced by Mac Miller, John Mayer, Travis Scott, Juice Wrld, and other artists who blend genres.

“Above Water” single

J Blitz - “Above Water” song cover art

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