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Irena Zilic releases a lovely indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Ewo”

Irena Zilic is a singer-songwriter from Croatia. Not too long ago, she released a lovely indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Ewo”.

Irena Zilic – “Ewo” single

“I’m afraid of breaking points, I’m afraid that I’d be told that there’s no other way. I’m scared that I can’t share every change that comes my way. Don’t keep it nice and slow, I won’t watch the fall. Don’t hold it in for too long, don’t hold it or we’ll be coming back alone.” – lyrics

‘Ewo’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who struggles to deal with her fears. Apparently, her thoughts are pessimistic, therefore, she thinks that luck might turn its back on her and her significant other.

‘Ewo’ (Eyes Wide Open) is the lead single from Irena Zilic’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Small Hours”, available later this year. The likable tune contains a relatable narrative, delicate vocals, and mellow instrumentation seasoned with sentimental elements.

Irena Zilic – “Ewo” single

Irena Zilic - “Ewo” cover art

“‘Ewo’ refers to those small hours moments, when one’s inner fears start intruding thoughts and stealing sleep. The feeling that distorts reality is emphasized by samples and background noises while keeping the dreamy vibe and soft melody as the main theme of this song.” – Irena Zilic

Irena Zilic entered the music scene in 2012 when she shyly self-published her debut EP, entitled, “Days of Innocence.” Four years later, she released her debut album, entitled, Travelling. The Croatian edition of Rolling Stone magazine named the project: “4th most important Croatian album of the last 20 years.”

Since then, Zilic has performed at various international music festivals such as INmusic, Waves Vienna, SeaRock, Americana night, etc. Also, at venues throughout Europe including Shepherds Bush, and Auditorium Parco de la Musica.

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