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Infinity Song Perform their “Metamorphosis” Single LIVE at VEVO Studio

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, recently released Infinity Song’s Live Performance of “Metamorphosis,” a song from the group’s 2023 EP “Metamorphosis.”

Infinity Song – “Metamorphosis” (Live Performance)

Infinity Song is a soft rock band based in New York City comprised of 4 siblings, Abraham, Angel, Israel, and Momo Boyd. With a blend of tight vocal harmonies, dreamy lyricism, and sublime guitar riffs, the band creates a transcendent experience for the audience on every stage and in their recorded music. Homeschooled academically and musically, along with their 5 other brothers and sisters, by parents who founded the Boys & Girls Choirs of Detroit, the siblings have performed in front of audiences since Pre-K.

Infinity Song’s journey was a labored yet adventurous climb. In 2006, the Boyd patriarch, John Boyd, relocated the entire family from Detroit to New York and they began performing publicly all around the city. Singing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the morning, on 5th Avenue in the afternoon, and Times Square at night, eventually Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain became a permanent stage for the next 12 years of their lives.

Infinity Song – “Metamorphosis” Single

“‘Metamorphosis’ encapsulates how we feel about our music, our musical journey, and all the work we’ve grown through as a band, as siblings, and as songwriters,” stated the band, expressing their excitement and pride in their creation. With this amount of excitement surrounding their project, Infinity Song is ready to continue to solidify their place in the space where great music is being created in today’s culture.

After several years of developing a following and turning casual park visitors into loyal fans, the group was signed to Roc Nation in 2016. In 2020, the siblings made a splash with their debut album “Mad Love,” and again in 2023 with their EP “Metamorphosis,” which includes the viral singles “Haters Anthem” and “Slow Burn.” Get tickets from to see Infinity Song perform LIVE.

Infinity Song – “Metamorphosis” EP

Infinity Song – “Metamorphosis” EP cover art

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